Buy Shiva Shanti II strain seeds

Skunk #1 x Afghani #1

by Sensi Seeds

Meant as a milder, kinder version of her big sister, Shiva Shanti II was specially bred by Sensi Seeds to be forgiving both in ease of cultivation, effect and on your wallet.

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Shiva Shanti II Genetics

Sensi Seeds crossbred Garlic Bud with Skunk #1 and Afghani indica to create Shiva Shanti II, with the express purpose of creating a strain that was affordable for everyone and versatile enough to grow under almost any condition.

Shiva Shanti II Effects

Shiva Shanti II was created to have a mild, predominantly indica-like effect. The experience will be mostly felt in the body, as it relaxes your muscles. The head high might be a bit more energetic than you would expect from an indica dominant hybrid.

Shiva Shanti II Terpene Profile

Shiva Shanti II has a very interesting flavour palette. It has the signature pungent aroma of its Skunk parent, combined with a tangy muskiness that comes from the Garlic Bud genetics.

Medical Benefits Shiva Shanti II

As a mostly indica strain, Shiva Shanti II has been known to ease muscles while reducing headaches, neck and back pains. It has also been found useful for coping with stress, sleepless nights and in some cases, symptoms of depression.

How to Grow Shiva Shanti II

This strain was created with the intention of being an absolute beginners-strain. The plant will produce satisfactory results almost anywhere, in any growing environment no matter the skill level.