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Durban Poison x Pakistani x Oaxaca

by Sensi Seeds

An interesting mix of two sativa dominant strains and a Pakistani indica, make Mexican Sativa a compelling alternative to Haze. Mexican Sativa grows easily, fast and tall, even in cold climates.

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Mexican Sativa Strain Genetics

Sensi Seeds took a Mexican landrace strain from the Southern Mexican region of Oaxaca, crossed it with the sturdy African sativa Durban Poison, and threw a fast-flowering Pakistani indica in the mix for good measure. Sensi Seeds then took it one step further and back-crossed with the original Oaxaca strain.

Mexican Sativa Strain Terpene Profile

Compared to the ever-popular Haze strains, the aroma of Mexican Sativa is slightly more subtle and yet strong enough to please most sativa lovers. What sets it apart from other sativas is a spicy, herbal, earthy undertone, thanks to the indica component. This complements the typical citrus notes caused by the presence of the terpene, limonene. 

Mexican Sativa Strain Effects

In typical sativa fashion, Mexican Sativa provides a happy, uplifting and energetic cerebral high, which will leave you feeling active, talkative and creative. If you’re in good company, expect to get the giggles very easily!

Medical Benefits Mexican Sativa Strain

If you feel groggy or fatigued in the morning and want a good pick-me-up, this strain is a great wake ‘n’ bake option. It will brighten your mood and shift your brain into an alert and
creative gear.

Mexican Sativa is also a good choice if you’re looking to ease mental issues like depression or PTSD. This strain is also often used as an additional treatment for substance dependencies.

How to Grow Mexican Sativa Strain

Mexican Sativa does exceptionally well outdoors, even in colder climates. In warmer climates, this strain can grow immensely tall, up to 3 meters! Its genetics make it very resistant to pests and moulds and give it a short growing cycle of 6 to 8 weeks.

The flowers are slightly denser than its sativa counterparts but still quite elongated, making the only real downside of this strain its fairly low yield.