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Marley’s Collie x Early Pearl

by Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds’ reinvention of the Jamaican sativa landrace strain. Created with the express purpose of outdoor cultivation in colder climates.

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Jamaican Pearl Strain Genetics

Sensi Seeds wanted to bring the sunny delight of a Caribbean genotype sativa, named Marley’s Collie, to the gardens of northern Europe and make it flourish in a colder climate with short, turbulent summers. By crossing Marley’s Collie with an Early Pearl male, Sensi Seeds ensured their offspring would grow in almost any garden on earth, without losing any of the lovely tropical sativa characteristics of its parents.

Jamaican Pearl Strain Terpene Profile

The flavour of Jamaican Pearl is a sweet combination of tropical citrus fruits and berries, with a light spicy pine undertone.

Jamaican Pearl Strain Effects

True to its pure sativa genetics, you can expect a very energetic, creative and uplifting high. After a few puffs, you will feel the invigorating euphoric effects take hold and relax your mind.

Medical Benefits Jamaican Pearl Strain

Jamaican Pearl can be a great strain for those who are struggling with fatigue, stress and depression. Jamaican Pearl can even help conquer writer’s block!

How to Grow Jamaican Pearl Strain

Jamaican Pearl’s fines features are by far the ease with which it grows in cold, outdoor environments. The only thing this strain needs is regular watering, some decent soil and a minimal amount of sunlight.

Thanks to its genetic makeup Jamaican Pearl is sturdy, reliable and fast-growing. Even with minimal effort this plant will grow immensely tall and produce enormous amounts of strong and sweet-smelling buds.