Buy Jack Flash strain seeds

Original Haze x Jack Herer x Super Skunk

by Sensi Seeds

Jack Flash is the outcome of an intensive breeding program by Sensi Seeds to improve the overall yield and growth characteristics of the famed Jack Herer strain. This breeding program has been regarded as a great success!

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Jack Flash Strain Genetics

Through years of intensive back crossing of the sublime gene-pool of the original Haze strain with Jack Herer and the Afghani-skunk known as Super Skunk, Sensi Seeds created the phenotype Jack Flash. With this strain, Sensi Seeds reached their goal of developing a more compact, better yielding sativa-dominant strain that was ideal for indoor cultivation, without losing any of the desirable sativa effects.

Jack Flash Strain Terpene Profile

One of the main reasons for the lengthy and intensive back crossing of the Jack Herer strain with the Haze genotype was to preserve the archetypal sativa sweet and earthy citrus flavor profile. Sativa cannaisseurs will not be disappointed by the result.

Jack Flash Strain Effects

Preserving the archetypal happy, euphoric and energizing head buzz of the sativa genetics was another primary goal of this breeding program. This way, the high remains focused on the cerebral sensations we all know and love.

Medical Benefits Jack Flash Strain

The medicinal applications of Jack Flash lie, just like its mental effects, in cerebral relief.
Jack Flash is often prescribed for patients with chronic migraines, headaches, glaucoma, mental fatigue or depression. Besides this, this strain is being researched as a remedy for
inflammation due to a high THC level.

How to Grow Jack Flash Strain

With its short flowering time and compact size, the indica component of this strain truly takes center stage. These features make Jack Flash a sativa that is much better suited for indoor cultivation than original Haze or Jack Herer phenotypes.

Still, for the best yield, allow the plant to reach a height of at least 1m or taller. This allows the solid, running and multi-point crowned buds to reach their full potential.