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Early Skunk x Early Girl

by Sensi Seeds

Early Pearl is a sativa that was created especially for those who live in the colder climates of Northern Europe. Where frigid temperatures and shorter summers usually make it hard for most sativas to truly flourish, Early Pearl is the answer.

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Early Pearl Strain Genetics

Back in the mid-1980’s, Sensi Seeds wanted to develop a line of strains that would fill the demand for top-quality phenotypes able to flourish in the colder climates of Northern Europe. Together with other strains in the ‘Early line’, like Early Skunk and Early Girl, Sensi Seeds introduced the sativa-dominant Early Pearl.

Early Pearl Strain Terpene Profile

Early Pearl’s scent hints to its possible lineage, as it emanates a pungent, sweet Skunk-like aroma that is supported by a woody, dank, earthy, almost floral undertone. Once ground up, she also carries an unmistakable spicy, herbal odor.

Early Pearl Strain Effects

Early Pearl, as a top quality sativa, is a perfect daytime strain. The happy, uplifting and energetic cerebral-high will keep you active, clear-headed and talkative. With a strain like this, you will be able to stay productive throughout the daylight hours.

Medical Benefits Early Pearl Strain 

Early Pearl’s sativa characteristics make it a strain that may help you with the symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety. Its uplifting and energizing effect may also aid in minimizing mental and physical fatigue.

How to Grow Early Pearl Seeds

As a sativa that was specially designed to perform in optima forma in frigid climates, Early Pearl can easily grow in any garden. This makes it an ideal strain for novice growers who wish to enjoy cultivating their plants in their natural environment. She only needs regular watering, nutrient-rich soil and the minimal amount of sunlight that comes with short summers.

Even with minimal effort this plant will grow immensely tall and produce enormous amounts of strong, dense and sweet smelling buds. If the temperature drops below a certain point during the early phase of her flowering cycle, her leaves and calyxes will take on a beautiful purple hue.