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Haze 1 x Columbian x Thai x Jamaican

by Sensi Seeds

Named after the ”Godfather” of Cannabis vaporizers, Eagle Bill Amato, this sativa dominant hybrid was developed for a pleasant vaping experience.

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Eagle Bill Strain Genetics

Frank William Wood, otherwise known as Eagle Bill Amato, creator of the world’s first portable vaporizer, was a longtime friend of Sensi Seeds founder Ben Dronkers. Ben, in turn, wanted to honour his friend by developing and naming a strain after him. This idea culminated in a secret blend of Pure Haze, Colombian, Thai and Jamaican sativas, and an unknown indica.

Terpene Profile Eagle Bill Strain

Combining at least four sativa strains resulted in a very distinctive palette of pungent (but not overpowering) sweet pine forest aroma that is best experienced when using a vaporizer

Eagle Bill Strain Effects

The effects of this particular blend of sativas will give you a very happy, energizing and uplifting cerebral rush that promotes social interaction and creative thinking. The latent indica traits of this hybrid will result in a slight but noticeable body buzz.

Medical Benefits Eagle Bill Strain

Eagle Bill is a strain that seems to have been created with the brain in mind. The sativa effects of this strain make it perfect for combatting stress and mood-altering conditions like depression, PTSD or PMS.

How to Grow Eagle Bill Seeds

Eagle Bill is a strain that tends to grow fairly tall, something to keep in mind when growing in small spaces. However, this can be counteracted by shortening the vegetation period and/or super-cropping. The strain also lends itself well to SOG or SCROG cultivation methods.

Even though the flowering period of Eagle Bill is moderately long, it pays off to give the flowers an extra ten days to allow them to fill up their wide internodal gaps and distinctive spiral formation – that way they’re more likely to develop into long, fat colas that can completely overgrow the stems.