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With its subtle citrus aromas, compact growth, and a fast flowering period, California Indica by Sensi Seeds is the optimum option for indica lovers with smaller indoor setups, secret outdoor gardens, or those simply seeking a little extra privacy.

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California Indica Genetic Profile

Despite the name, California Indica marijuana seeds feature both indica and sativa genetics but are still an excellent choice for those who prefer shorter, stockier plants and physically orientated psychoactive effects. Cannabis growers seeking a more discreet experience are in good hands with this unassuming phenotype as its size and smell are both at the lower end of the scale.

Bred from a sativa-leaning California Orange Bud mother and a Northern Lights x Hash Plant cultivar from Sensi Seeds’ own seedbank, California Indica lineage ensures a range of delicious citrus flavours bundles of gooey resin and an easier, more stable growth pattern than both its parent plants. So if you’re a stealth grower or hunting for classic Cali flavours, then this delicious high THC/low CBD pheno may be your ticket to a bright and sunny future. This fantastic cannabis strain is also available as California Indica regular and California Indica feminized seeds, giving you even more choice when it comes to cultivation.

California Indica Terpene Profile

California Indica aroma is subtler than many cannabis plants, which makes it perfect for growers who prize discretion. Fortunately, its flavour is far more intense, becoming even stronger when consumed via a vaporizer. Consumers can look forward to a sweet and fruity citrus taste, with hints of skunk, grapefruit, lime, and dominant orange flavours. Thanks to its Afghani genes, it also boasts a strong and spicy hashish flavour, which lingers long after the final exhale.

California Indica dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and limonene. This is hardly surprising, as limonene is one of the main chemicals that gives oranges and lemons their tangy flavours, while caryophyllene has a spicier, bolder flavour more commonly associated with kush strains. These two terpenes also have a marked effect on the pheno’s psychoactive direction and medical applications.

California Indica Strain Effects

Although California Indica effects are primarily indica-dominant, thanks to strong sativa genes passed down from its Californian Orange Bud mother plant, this pheno provides a varied psychoactive experience that’s both cerebral and physical in nature. The warming indica influence of its Afghan father is especially strong and long-lasting, but consumers can also expect a powerful cerebral buzz as their body slips into a silky, pain-free state of pure, unfettered relaxation.

Sensi Seeds haven’t provided any specific information regarding California Indica THC content, but based on its parent plants, growers can expect THC levels to range somewhere between 15-19%. Although it has a marked effect on both body and mind, its influence is not so intense as to overwhelm inexperienced users, making this a fantastic choice for first-timers or those especially susceptible to the negative effects of THC.

California Indica Medical Benefits

As an excellent all-rounder strain, California Indica medical benefits apply to various health conditions and diagnosed disorders. On the physical side, its effects are particularly good for those with muscular disorders such as MS. THC is known to act on the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the motor cortex — the area of the brain which controls the body’s motor functions. Although science hasn’t quite determined exactly how it works, its calming physical influence is known to reduce physical tension, epileptic spasms and help with muscular movement.

Cannabis grown from California Indica cannabis seeds can also help reduce mental and physical fatigue. It’s no coincidence that countless songs make reference to the plant’s Orange Bud parent and its inspiring effects on the mind. If you’re stuck in a creative rut or need a lift to get your mind and body working at full capacity, then the invigorating effects of this strain can make a big difference in your motivation levels and help inspire a more artistic mindset.

How to Grow California Indica Strain

Growing Sensi Seeds California Indica is easy and quick, requiring little maintenance or prior experience. Its compact indica-dominant structure is ideal for smaller indoor setups or outdoor growers lucky enough to live in a warm, continental climate, and it also adapts readily to specialist yield-boosting cultivation techniques like SOG, SCROG and lollipopping. California Indica flowering time is around seven-eight weeks from germination (depending on whether you’ve chosen a feminised or regular flowering variety), and plants can easily reach the size of a small tree if left undisturbed during this rapid but important period of its growth cycle.

Expect a healthy crop of chunky, trichome covered buds that look more orange than green once cut and cured and incredible amounts of sticky cannabis resin courtesy of its Afghani Hash Plant genes. This makes this strain an excellent choice for extract enthusiasts looking to capitalize on its delicious citrus flavours and impressive potency. Although Sensi Seeds haven’t revealed the average weight that California Indica yields, it has been classified as a heavy yielding strain but may require a little extra attention to reach its full potential.