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Banana Kush x Wedding Cake

by Sensi Seeds

Have your cake and eat it too with Banana Kush Cake from Sensi Seeds – a smoky, sugary kush and skunk combo that offers fulfilling caramelised banana flavours and forbiddable indica-dominant effects for a fraction of the time and effort.

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Banana Kush Cake Genetic Profile

The breeders over at Sensi Seeds have been at it with the mixing bowl again and cooked up a brilliant new banana-flavoured cannabis plant as part of their Sensi Seeds Research Project for 2021. Banana Kush Cake lineage marks a beautiful union of Hindu kush and skunk genetics, combining the flavours and effects of both families into this wonderful Wedding Cheesecake and Banana OG Kush crossbreed. Skunky but not overpowering, its sweet but discreet banana aroma and squat growth make it ideal for indoor growers with privacy concerns while still offering generous returns and strong effects for those who favour potency and production value.

With a pleasant indica-dominant personality that’s incredibly inviting and a prestigious genetic history, it’s worth noting that Banana Kush Cake marijuana seeds will produce plants with significant phenotype variation.

Quite simply, this means there may be subtle differences between crops, which makes it perfect for breeders who appreciate variety. Now available from MGS as feminised seeds, try this delicious new Sensi Seeds cannabis creation for a hybrid that offers new surprises with every plant.

Banana Kush Cake Terpene Profile

Despite its mother plant’s skunk ancestry, Banana Kush Cake aroma isn’t nearly as acerbic and as you might expect. Instead, this aromatic plant smells like brown sugar and overripe bananas with a fragrant, herbaceous undertone that’s sweet rather than sour. Its flavour has a peppery citrus quality that’s common to many Afghani strains with kush in the name, and this spicy, fruity combination gives it a taste that’s not unlike freshly baked and ever so slightly burnt banana bread.

Banana Kush Cake dominant terpenes are caryophyllene and myrcene, and this makes sense given its earthy tropical taste. Caryophyllene is a key component of black pepper, while myrcene is most commonly found in fruits like mangos. This has given rise to the rumour that eating mangos can increase the potency of some cannabis strains, especially ones designed for sleep disorders, as myrcene is believed to have a sedative influence.

Banana Kush Cake Strain Effect

As this is a primarily indica-dominant strain, expect it to have a prominent physical effect, but with a slight sativa influence providing mental clarity. Banana Kush Cake effects are soothing and dreamy but won’t slow your mind to a standstill like some heavier hitting strains. Its strong relaxing influence is long-lasting and great for pairing with a movie marathon or a meal, and in larger doses, can even help with pain and sleep problems.

Sensi Seeds haven’t revealed Banana Kush Cake THC content, but even frequent users will attest to its high strength. It’s not the best strain for when you’re busy but shouldn’t be too intrusive if you choose to consume it during daylight hours. If you really want to savour its effects, make sure to save some of this high THC/low CBD strain for the evening when there are fewer distractions, or consider trying out your own baking skills by crafting some quality cannabis edibles.

Banana Kush Cake Medical Benefits

Although Banana Kush Cake medical benefits are suitable for treating stress and pain disorders, its potent anti-inflammatory effects are ideal for patients who suffer from seizures and muscles spasms. THC and caryophyllene are known to interact with CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the brain’s motor cortex, and though the science is unclear their exact relationship, the resulting anticonvulsant effect has shown promise as an effective treatment for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

If a lack of sleep is making you go bananas, then Banana Kush Cake medical seeds may also be of help in that regard. Myrcene terpenes have lent this Banana Kush x Wedding Cheesecake strain a powerful sedative effect that can induce a deep, restful sleep even if you suffer from chronic insomnia. A good night’s rest is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and although some reports suggest THC may adversely affect the quality and length of REM sleep in the long term, it can be a useful occasional tool in helping reset abnormal sleep patterns.

How to Grow Banana Kush Cake Strain

Breeders have the option of growing Banana Kush Cake feminised seeds indoors under artificial lights or directly in the ground, though the latter option is only recommended for those who live in temperate or continental climates. They produce compact pyramidal crops with sturdy stems and short internodes that adapt well super cropping techniques like SOG (sea of green) and SCROG (screen of green), making them ideal for discreet growers when you factor in the subtler scent of the plants.

Although it’s on the smaller side, Banana Kush Cake yields are mighty, and growers can expect plenty of fat, conical buds with pink and orange pistils once it enters its flowering period.

As previously mentioned, these cannabis seeds may produce several phenotypes, resulting in subtle differences between individual plants. Some may follow a more sativa structure, while others may have a more pronounced skunk profile, but you won’t find out for sure until later in the growth cycle. The best time to tell what you’re dealing with is during flowering, when your plants enter a growth spurt and begin to develop more noticeable characteristics. Although this strain is available in a ruderalis-powered autoflowering version, Banana Kush Cake feminised flowering time is still only seven to nine weeks from germination, so whatever the case, you won’t have to wait long before its surprises are revealed.