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Afghani Skunk x Jamaican Sativa x Hawaiian Sativa

by Sensi Seeds

American Dream by Sensi Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid that guarantees buds that are so thick and dense, they’re almost too heavy for the sturdy branches to handle.

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American Dream Strain Genetics

An interesting blend of an Afghani Skunk with a Jamaican and Hawaiian sativa give this strain the right mix of genetics to prosper in most indoor settings. American Dream’s name can be interpreted in more than one way. But, most prevalent for naming this strain is the goal Sensi Seed’s breeders had in mind when creating American Dream; a stable genetic platform that would produce ever stronger and more successful offspring with every new generation. 

American Dream Strain Effects

American Dream’s effects are well-balanced between the body-relaxing properties of its indica genetics, while the sativa part of the equation keeps your mind active and provides an overall happy and blissful sensation.      

American Dream Strain Terpene Profile

The Skunk elements are dominant in this hybrid. Its pungent, skunky aroma pairs well with the subtle but pleasantly sweet, fruity bouquet that is supported by the typical earthy woody undertone of its sativa lineage. 

Medical Benefits American Dream

For medicinal use, American Dream delivers the best of both worlds. The indica part eases physical pain and stress, while the sativa element helps lessen mental stress and uplifts your mood which can be beneficial if you are struggling with depression.  

How to Grow American Dream Seeds

One of the main features of this hybrid are the enormous colas this strain can form when tended to properly. Even though the indica genetics give the plant sturdy properties, the stem and branches labor under the weight of its gargantuan flowers. To take full advantage of this feature, cultivating American Dream in an indoor environment while using a sea of green (SOG) method is recommended.