With so many different cultivars of cannabis plants available today, the level of choice available to consumers continues to grow exponentially.

However, while greater choice is hardly a bad thing, for consumers, understanding those different options in seed banks can prove to be something of a headache. From indicas and sativas, regular, auto or feminized seeds, to high in THC seeds, CBD cannabis and all that´s in-between, growing cannabis suddenly got a little bit complicated!

Here at Marijuana Grow Shop, we want to simplify things and help cannabis consumers gain a deeper and clearer understanding of a plant that provides so many potential benefits for those who use it.

We offer dozens of sativa-dominant and sativa cannabis strains including cannabis all-stars Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream and Purple Haze. However, in order to clarify your growing options, let’s take a look at their unique characteristics and benefits that distinguish these cannabis seeds from other seed types.

What is a Sativa-dominant seed? 

A sativa-dominant cannabis strain is made by crossing sativa and indica strains of cannabis but leans more towards the sativa spectrum both in respect to its growth pattern and in the effects it has on the consumer. In contrast, a pure sativa strain has no indica characteristics.

While we do offer a selection of pure indica and pure sativa cannabis seeds, most cannabis cultivars available today contain varying levels of both sativa and indica genetics. As a result, these types of strains, which are known as hybrid strains, can either be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or contain an evenly balanced distribution of both genetic backgrounds. 

This capability to cross cannabis strains gives breeders the ability to create new and exciting cannabis strains that harness together the best qualities of both sativa and indica, while simultaneously eliminating the less desirable features of their respective genetics.

Typical Traits of a Sativa-Dominant Cannabis Seed

While a pure sativa seed is considered not as easy to grow when compared to an indica or indica dominant variety, sativa dominant seeds have the benefit of inheriting qualities from both sides of their genetic coin, making them somewhat more manageable than their sativa contemporaries. 

A really good sativa-dominant seed will merge together the desired and highly sought-after effects provided by sativa seeds with the durability and higher-yielding potential provided by indica species. Some good examples are the famed sativa-dominant White Widow seeds and the equally potent sativa, Super Silver Haze.

As such, sativa dominant strains have become highly popular with both home growers and commercial cultivators alike. Here are some of the more common traits of high-quality sativa-dominant marijuana seed.

  • Shorter flowering time compared to pure sativa seeds
  • Higher yields
  • mould resistant
  • Robust and resilient growth
  • Effects: A blend of typical sativa and indica effects although they will typically lean towards sativa´s uplifting effects
  • Symptom Relief: Varies based on genetics
  • Morphology: Varying range of growth patterns

While sativa-dominant cannabis plants tend to produce a higher yield than an indica-dominant marijuana seed, the THC level is usually higher in indica-dominant varieties. Countering this, sativa dominant seeds will typically produce higher CBD levels than an indica species. 

In terms of their shape, sativa dominant strains are tall and thin, with narrower and lighter green leaves, in comparison to indica-dominant strain types. With plant heights reaching as tall as 5 or 6 metres, sativa cannabis strains are ideally suited for outdoor growing in warm climates near the equator, unless a commercial greenhouse space is used.

Sativa strain types are typically used by consumers during the daytime, as they do not tend to produce the lethargy and fatigue that are associated with indica-dominant varieties. Indeed, sativa dominant varieties can induce both clarity and focus, and provide energising effects, ideal for those who require medical marijuana.

Here at Marijuana Grow Shop, we have a huge selection of cannabis sativa strains in all seed types, including feminized seeds, regular seeds and even autoflowering sativa dominant seeds.

With Marijuana Grow Shop, it´s never been so easy to grow your favourite cannabis cultivars. Our vast seeds collection includes cannabis legends like the cannabis cup winners and famed sativa dominant strains Green Crack and Amnesia Haze. the delightful Blue Dream and the powerful all-conquering Bruce Banner.

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    Power Flower is the original landrace from South Africa that took coffeeshops in Amsterdam by storm when it first arrived. Sold as Power Plant, this strain lives up to its name when it comes to raw potency and yields. A strong sativa-dominant hybrid with long-lasting cerebral effects. 

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