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Juanita Lagrimosa x Lemon Haze x Ruderalis

by Royal Queen Seeds

Juanita Lagrimosa x Lemon Haze x Ruderalis this sweet, lemony, CBD rich autoflowering hybrid, from Royal Queen Seeds, is a carefree delight for both recreational and medicinal consumers alike. 11% THC, with almost 1:1 CBD.

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Stress Killer CBD Genetics

A mainly sativa mix of Juanita Lagrimosa x Lemon Haze x Ruderalis, Stress Killer CBD has been designed by Royal Queen Seeds to be a superior anti-anxiety variety for medicinal users. Juanita Lagrimosa is known for her high CBD levels, and Lemon Haze for those uplifting and euphoric properties common to good sativas.

Stress Killer Terpene Profile

Yep, you guessed it, thanks to this cannabis strain its haze background Stress Killer is a deliciously lemon-citrus, fruity strain. These flavours come through strong and sharp in the flavour as well, and the smoke is smooth and sweet. You may also get some spicy notes in there too. She can be very pungent: growers take heed.

Stress Killer Effects

With 11% THC to balance out her high CBD level, Stress Killer will give you a nice buzz while leaving you care-free, active and incredibly focused. Perfect for shutting down day-to-day worries and concentrating on creative projects. Notably uplifting and cerebral, thanks to her strong Haze genetics.

Medical Benefits Stress Killer CBD

Royal Queen Seeds have used Juanita Lagrimosa as the mother in many of their high CBD strains. She is stable and potent in this cannabinoid. CBD, in high doses, is believed to have benefits for a wide variety of medical conditions from MS to epilepsy but is also known for its grounding properties that can help alleviate things like stress, social anxiety, depression and insomnia. With an almost 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, she is low in the psychoactive effects that the latter brings, but has enough of that cannabinoid to also bring its physically relaxing and pain-relieving properties to the mix.

How to Grow Stress Killer CBD

She’s a typical sativa phenotype, growing tall (especially outdoors) with lanky limbs, widely spaced and long, heavy colas. Not the fastest to flower, she’ll need a good 11 weeks to reach her full potential CBD wise. That said, she will produce reliably stable product (light green, pungent and fruity bud, with a lovely dusting of trichomes) and under ideal conditions can produce a good, high yield for an autoflower. She does well both in- and outdoors, and as an auto-flowering variety is particularly suitable for novice gardeners.