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Afghani #1 x Kush

by Royal Queen Seeds

A delicious, rich-flavored, mainly indica variety (80/20), Special Kush #1 created by Royal Queen Seeds from some original Afghani Indica x top quality landrace Kush. Made to provide quality and value for money this is an easy growing plant, suitable for those working on a budget who are still interested in good quality herb. It is mainly an old-school recreational plant, with 17% THC and low CBD.

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Special Kush #1Special Kush #1 Genetics

Originally named after the Hindu Kush, the mountainous region of India where these varieties of cannabis were first discovered, Kush itself is another way of describing a powerful indica. Characterized by mellowness, dank flavours, and a sometimes soporific body-high. Special Kush #1 is made from a blend of Afghani and landrace Kush; a pure delight for indica lovers.

Special Kush #1 Effects

For an indica dominant strain, Special Kush #1 has some surprisingly heady qualities, a burst of energy and activity may in a short time give way to the deeply calming, body-stoned high that will predominate. It’s long-lasting and sedative. Useful for releasing you from daily cares and general aches and pains. With its moderate THC ratio, 17%, it can be nice of an evening when you want to chill.

Special Kush #1 Terpene Profile

A mixture of sweet and fruity, with dank and herbal; Special Kush #1 has a rich, dark palette. She has quite a nutty flavour too. In the nose, you will get spicy notes and earth. The moment you smell this seductive strain, you will feel your body relax.

Medical Benefits Special Kush #1

Though not specifically a medical strain, Special Kush #1 has a nice, deep body-high that may well be of use to medical patients looking for relief from the symptoms of chronic pain, muscle aches,  or conditions that make you restless. With a high THC content of around 17%, she can help alleviate aches and pains without leaving you couch-locked.

How to Grow Special Kush #1

Specially bred to do well outdoors, where she can reach epic heights of up to 3 meters under ideal conditions; which for Special Kush #1 would be warm and sunny. She will smell dense, musky and hash-like. Thanks to her Kush genetics she is hardy and pest resistant. Easy to grow, weed-like, you might say! She holds on to her wild roots and can spread out rapidly; this makes her a higher maintenance strain for the indoor-grower. She will produce a decent yield when she’s getting all her daily needs, and bud will be dense and frosty.