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Somango x Critical 47

by Royal Queen Seeds

Sweet in taste, with a fruity mango aroma, and short in stature; Somango XL is a robust indica-dominant strain which has passed the test of time. A notable favorite for cannaisseurs and growers alike.

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Somango XL Genetics

Created by Royal Queen Seeds, Somango XL is the result of a mix between Somango and Critical 47, making it a 75% indica-dominant hybrid. It kept part of its parent name, Somango, due to the persistent fruity aroma and Mango scent it releases.

Somango Effects

Somango XL produces a body-stoned and long-lasting high due to its high THC content (18% Avg.). Nevertheless, this strain has been noted to increase creativity while reducing unnecessary thoughts, making it an ideal ‘get stuff done’ strain. It can be consumed during the day without bringing about any sluggishness that is likely to leave you glued on the couch. But, users who are familiar with Somango should note that Somango XL does produce a slightly more noticeable physical body-stoned sensation than its parent.

Somango XL Terpene Profile

Somango XL provides a sensory-overload of sweetness and fruitiness. Users who enjoy the original Somango will be pleased to hear that Somango XL retains the fruity, exotic taste of Somango, while the combination of Critical 47 adds a skunky aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Somango XL

Somango XL may be used to alleviate nausea as well as headaches. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it suitable for patients with chronic pain in their joints or gastrointestinal tract. Its sativa genetics enable it to release feelings of euphoria, helping some users to reduce their stress levels.

How to Grow Somango XL

Somango XL grows well in both indoor and outdoor conditions, and it reaches a short-medium to medium height respectively. This makes it a suitable strain for indoor growers with limited space. At around the 8th week, it produces dense buds, occasionally with purple hairs and leaves, depending on the temperature conditions. When grown outdoors, expect to harvest by the end of September.