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White Widow x Haze 1

by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Moby by Royal Queen Seeds is a 65% sativa hybrid with the class of a heavyweight champion. Like Melville’s Whale, this variety is exaggerated: big proportions, huge amounts of buds, high yields, high THC levels and a strong psychoactive high, just to name a few. Warning: Royal Moby is not rookie stuff.

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Royal Moby Genetics

Royal Moby by Royal Queen Seeds is a close relative of the Dinafem SeedsMoby Dick. This is a 65% sativa hybrid with thoroughbred genes, created by crossing two of the best-known cannabis varieties, the sativa-dominant (60%) White Widow and the sativa Haze. The result is a massive strain with potent cerebral effects.

Royal Moby Effects

Royal Moby is a sativa hybrid with potent cerebral effects, producing a mix of imposing mind and body effects. The psychedelic effect due to the high THC levels is felt rapidly, bringing you up in a creative and inspirational mood. You’ll feel active, euphoric and full of energy. Making this beast a perfect daytime-strain.

Royal Moby Terpene Profile

Royal Moby is an impressive giant with delicious taste and aroma. Overall, the scent is warm and sweet, a bit spicy, with a slight floral hint of rose and jasmine and fruity notes. Cannaisseurs will be delighted by its long-lasting mellow (but fresh) flavor with a sweet honey-like aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Royal Moby

Royal Moby by Royal Queen Seeds can be considered a strong medical strain. The cerebral effects are useful for relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

This strain is often chosen by many patients to relieve nausea and promote appetite. The Royal Moby’s body effect may ease mild aches and alleviate mild to moderate pain.

How to Grow Royal Moby

As expected from a strain with a strong sativa personality, Royal Moby grows tall and vigorously, with branches surrounded by lots of buds for big yields and high THC levels. Given its size, if grown indoors this plant needs room to grow and lots of nutrients to fully express its potential, but Royal Moby will reward you with a yielding harvest in around 9-10 wks.

Growing outdoors in warm, Mediterranean climate, with large amounts of water/nutrients/sun this giant reaches truly exaggerated proportions with a huge yield.