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Jack Herer x Ruderalis

by Royal Queen Seeds

An automatic version of the world-famous Jack Herer strain. Royal Jack is a sativa-dominant ideal for people who enjoy the longevity of an intense, powerful cerebral high. This automatic version will deliver the cup-winning high and flavor that made Jack Herer so well-known in the 1990’s.

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Royal Jack Genetics

Royal Jack is Ruderalis crossed with Jack Herer; a 3-way hybrid consisting of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk. In the 1990’s, when Sensi Seeds made Jack Herer, it was a unique mix of the best of the best in Amsterdam.

Royal Jack Effects

When smoking Royal Jack you will enjoy the well-balanced head high which is complemented by a gentle sensation of feeling relaxed and at ease. Thanks to its sativa-dominance, Royal Jack can be smoked throughout the day and is suitable for long walks, working through a to-do list, meeting friends or as a general pick-me-up and motivational booster and enhances your ability to study.

Royal Jack Terpene Profile

Royal Jack has a complex flavor which is best described as an earthy pepper. Its aroma can be musky but the flowers will smell more clear-cut then when you break a dried bud open.

The taste of a joint of Royal Jack is mildly peppery with a slightly sweet, earthy flavor on the exhale. Perhaps the flavor profile isn’t for everyone, but when grown to perfection, the cup-winning pedigree really shines.

Medical Benefits Royal Jack

Royal Jack may help to relieve depression with her high levels of THC, as well as to help motivate users. Royal Jack may also increase energy and mood. 

Her stimulating effects combined with her tendency to increase appetite may also be useful for coping with fatigue and lack of appetite; common side-effects of intensive medical treatments.

How to Grow Royal Jack

Royal Jack is a small plant which will grow to an average height of 90 cm. It produces high yields and will perform better in sunny climates when grown outdoors.

Each plant can produce sizeable harvests and bigger sized plants will produce even larger amounts. Royal Jack is a sativa-dominant strain so will grow to some height, making it better suited for more experienced growers.