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Chem’s Sis x Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubble

by Royal Queen Seeds

This strain is making a name for itself as one of the most potent hybrids on the market. With an average THC level of 25%, under the right conditions, Royal Gorilla frequently hits the 30% mark.

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Royal Gorilla Genetics

Royal Gorilla by Royal Queen Seeds is an award winning sativa-dominant hybrid that has its roots in three different strains. The first two are the heavy hitting sativas Chem’s Sis and Chocolate Diesel, combined with Sour Dubble, an incredibly potent hybrid of a Sour Diesel sativa and a Sour Bubble indica – you can see where Royal Gorilla got its stupendously high potency.

Royal Gorilla Effects

This strain packs an unmistakable sativa punch that will leave your head spinning. The effect is so heavy that the normally mind-activating and mentally energizing feeling is transformed into a sensation of cerebral-overload, more akin to that of a heavy hitting indica couch-lock effect.

Royal Gorilla Terpene Profile

Royal Gorilla’s palette is a complex mix of terpenoids and flavonoids what include dark flavors like coffee and chocolate, laced with the heavy, chemical aroma of diesel fuel, while combined with an earthy, pinewood undertone.

Medical Benefits Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is an excellent and famed medicinal strain for pain management, due to its high THC level. Besides alleviating pain, this strain is also very effective for alleviating stress and the symptoms of depression. Besides that, the high THC level works wonders as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

How to Grow Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla feminized seed is a fast-growing strain that performs well both indoors and outdoors, although the best results are obtained with a well-lit, indoor SCROG setup. This strain is not for beginners

During the flowering stage, there is a chance you will encounter pollen sacks because it appears Royal Gorilla has a hermaphrodite genome in its heritage. So, you’ll need to keep a watchful eye during this period and removes these sacks as you see them form. Topping and training during the early growing stages is also advised.