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Skunk #1 x Ruderalis

by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Dwarf is a compact, vigorous auto-plant ideal for beginners, known as one of the easiest strains to produce top-shelf buds.

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Royal Dwarf Genetics

Bred from a Ruderalis (30%) strain, this 60/10 sativa hybrid – originally from the Netherlands – is infamous for its minuscule size, hence the name. Royal Dwarf packs a hefty punch, featuring stellar skunk genetics and autoflower traits that make this beginner-friendly strain great for growers wanting a nice, low maintenance harvest and short growing time.

Royal Dwarf Effects

Seasoned users need not think they won’t get a potent hit consuming this strain. Although Royal Dwarf is small, it has around 15% THC content, which is certainly enough to alter mood and heavily stimulate the mind and body. Users will be pleased to find that this strain delivers a calming high working well for stressful situations, yet still allows one to remain social, think clearly, and function effectively.

Royal Dwarf Terpene Profile

The pungent, skunky scent it emits is evident in its taste. It produces an intense aroma with a smoke that tastes of lemon and hints of savory honey diesel followed by a spicy aftertaste.

Medical Benefits Royal Dwarf

Users will find that Royal Dwarf is a dependable autoflowering plant with lasting effects that are above average, given its sativa genetics. Many medical benefits are delivered to users, giving an energy boost that melts away stress as well as treating chronic aches and pains in the body. Patients who have difficulties losing their appetites, so this strain may be an effective appetite stimulant to dose before meals, making it altogether extraordinary and recommendable.

How to Grow Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf is a fast grower best cultivated indoors in regular soil, however, it can also be grown outdoors, yielding bigger plants. Plants produced are short and stocky in size and very stable with a high tolerance for mold and heat stress. The more this plant matures, the more THC breakdowns and produces higher concentrations of CBD, which users may find exciting, as this increases the medical value of their crop.