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Lowryder #2 x Ruderalis

by Royal Queen Seeds

Quick One is one of the fastest, most reliable, autoflowering strains available today. This remarkable indica-dominant hybrid performs consistently well in all conditions, making it an ideal choice for those in colder climes.

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Quick One Genetics

Originating from a cross of Canadian genetics and original Lowryder #2 (supposedly the first-ever autoflowering strain, created by The Joint Doctor) – and then adding William’s Wonder, Northern Lights and a (Mexican) Ruderalis to the mix. Royal Queen Seeds has created a dynamic three-way, indica-dominant hybrid that possesses all of the traits of its parents.

Quick One Terpene Profile

Quick One has an earthy and herbal aroma with a soft lemon background. When smoking Quick One, the flavours are sweet and mildly spiced and on the exhaling, there is a distinctive earthy overtone likely caused by the presence of myrcene.

Quick One Effects

Quick one has a gentle body-stoned effect which is ideal for people looking for something that is not too strong physically or cerebrally. This strain is one that can be consumed all day without dampening energy levels too much; more likely to leave you feeling floaty than tired its perfect for inspiring creativity. 

Quick One Medical Benefits

This moderate THC (around 13%), low CBD strain may be somewhat helpful for coping with symptoms of fatigue although higher THC strains are thought to be more effective. 

How to Grow Quick One

As an Autoflowering strain, Quick One is a small plant that will only grow 50 cm-60 cm in the space of 9 weeks. Growers can expect this auto-flowering seed to develop multiple side-branches that fill out with dense flowers. Outdoors, it can produce moderate yield per plant if left to grow tall, so growing it in a large pot is well advised.