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Critical x Medical Madre

by Royal Queen Seeds

Brought to you by Royal Queen Seeds, Medical Mass CBD is a majestic, indica-dominant strain with an average of 10% THC and 11% CBD content. Hugely popular with medical cannabis users, Medical Mass CBD is a marijuana marvel!

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Medical Mass CBD Strain Genetics

Descending from a long and regal line, Medical Mass is a cross of Critical x Medical Madre and has Royal Highness, Royal Medic, Juanita la Lagrimosa and Critical Mass in her heritage. A mainly indica strain, Medical Mass is high in CBD with a whopping 11%! And has a low 10% THC to balance out the effect. She has a broad range of potential benefits for medical users and tastes great!

Medical Mass CBD Strain Terpene Profile

A strong, deep flavour of fruit and sweet honey, that leaves a lovely tingle on the tongue. Aroma wise there is plenty of variety here, not too herby or skunky you will get a mixture of earth, pine and something sweet; plus a little floral note or some lavender to top it off.

Medical Mass CBD Strain Effects

Subtle and not overpowering, the mild THC ratio will give you some mellow, clear-headed uplift before the high moves on into a deep, relaxing body-buzz. An intense contended feeling will overtake you; easing stress, anxiety and any trace of daily aches and pains.

Medical Benefits Medical Mass CBD Strain

Medical Mass, has just that. CBD at 11% is huge and it is this cannabinoid that is being so fervently researched as scientists try to unlock all its medical potential.

Thus far, CBD (at high levels) is thought to be excellent for helping relieve the symptoms of conditions like stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression (you should feel them melt away), and is also the cannabinoid thought to be so productive in non-psychoactive strains and medicines for treating things like inflammation and epilepsy.

In a 1:1 strain like Medical Mass the THC
(10%) gives a light buzz, and can do wonders to help relieve pain quickly and efficiently.

How to Grow Medical Mass CBD Strain

Works well indoors, as she’s not too tall, or outdoors, as she’s pretty hardy to pests and mould. Treated kindly, she will produce a high yield of cannabinoid-rich, dense and delightful smelling bud. Though she’s pretty swift to flower, give her a little extra time if you want to make the most of her powerful medicinal properties, as this should help intensify the CBD content.

Maybe it’s the CBD ratio that makes her such a laid-back little lady, but cover the obvious basics well (water, light, etc.) and she will do well for you, whether you’re a beginning gardener or a pro. Pretty, slightly pointy nugs will be sparkly and covered in orange hair.