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OG Kush x Sour Diesel

by Royal Queen Seeds

Kali Dog by Royal Queen Seeds is a 60/40 sativa hybrid, and yet still possessing strong indica traits. Considered one of the stronger strains, with an overwhelming lemony fuel flavor, moderately-high THC levels for a powerful cerebral-high with a relaxing effect and intense aroma!

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Kali Dog Strain Genetics

Originally selected in the USA in the 90’s, Kali Dog is a 60% sativa hybrid of OG Kush x Sour Diesel, with typical sativa characteristics that still retains a strong indica traits; this heritage translates into a strain with big/compact buds, mid-high THC, relaxing and cerebral effect and intense flavor and aroma.

Kali Dog Strain Terpene Profile

This potent strain has a typical strong, overwhelming fuel scent, with pungent sour lemony (limonene) notes, also noticeable after the inhalation and an extremely strong aftertaste similar to that of the Sour Diesel strain persisting long after exhalation.

Kali Dog Strain Effects

Kali Dog’s intense effect derive from a mix of sativa and indica characteristics. The result is a stimulating cerebral-high with relaxing sensations felt immediately after the first inhalation. You’ll feel euphoric, inspired and focused, while at the same time providing a lovely state of relaxation.

Medical Benefits Kali Dog Strain

Kali Dog’s sativa traits make it suitable for relieving symptoms of depression, chronic stress, and mild cases of fatigue. Her indica genes are reflected in its relaxing effect, which may help in alleviating muscle tensions, pressure on the eyes, aches and pains. Kali Dog is also known to promote appetite, making it useful with some conditions that suppress appetite.

How to Grow Kali Dog Strain

Kali Dog is a relatively fast-flowering strain: ~ 9-10 wks. Her structure is dense and compact, so particular attention should be paid to humidity conditions, as this plant tends to develop moulds and rot. Her sativa genetics are reflected in a tendency to stretch upwards during the first two weeks, however, a pruning can easily solve this issue. Despite a moderate growing-difficulty, indoors results are satisfactory, with a high yield, while little is known about her behaviour if grown outdoors.