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Afghani #1 x Northern Light x Skunk

by Royal Queen Seeds

If you want plants that are excessively frosty and stack resin, then I.C.E is a perfect choice for you. Every flower and leaf will have a coating of glistening trichomes. An old-school hybrid which extractors and hash makers will want to get their hands on!

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I.C.E Strain Genetics

I.C.E is an  indica hybrid of Afghani, Northern Light, and Skunk descent. She is a genuine expression of the best genetics from Amsterdam pre-2000. Afghani is a proven landrace that adds durability to outdoor strains, while Northern Lights from Sensi Seeds and Skunk #1 are both well-established as early finishing, hardy plants.

I.C.E Strain Terpene Profile

This strain will grow with an earthy musk that becomes more evident once you break a dry bud open. As she is smoked, I.C.E will have a peppery sandalwood taste that is echoed by a soft berry aftertaste. She won’t stink out the grow room so is an excellent choice for those who cannot grow extremely dank strains.

I.C.E Strain Effects

The effects of this strain creep up slowly as a sensation of euphoria takes over and the back of the head and neck begin to tingle. Several joints of I.C.E can have you staring at the floor in a kind of dreamland that may be tempting not to snap yourself out of. In moderation, however, this strain is brilliant for stimulating the mind and well recommended for innovative professionals. Not the best strain to be smoking late at night as she can have an energized high. I.C.E is perfect for gaming, sports, daily work routines and staying sharp.

Medical Benefits I.C.E Strain

I.C.E is an indica-dominant hybrid which can reduce inflammation. She may also help alleviate muscle and joint pain, or may help relieve the pain and / or muscle spasms such as those experienced by people with Multiple Sclerosis. I.C.E is high in THC so is likely to stimulate appetite, something which is ideal for patients who are experiencing a loss of appetite as common with HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy treatments.

How to Grow I.C.E Strain

This 90% indica grows very short and will finish around 100cm when flowered. It is advised to pinch and train plants to promote larger yields. When bloomed I.C.E will not stretch much while short internodal spacing will fill out from top to bottom with tight red haired flowers.

She is not the biggest yielder yet works very well in a Sea of Green and SCROG. Outdoors I.C.E will perform better in a Southern European climate.