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Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

by Royal Queen Seeds

Haze Berry by Royal Queen Seeds is named after her unique flavor, which stems from the combination of two of the best indica and sativa plants from California and Amsterdam, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Haze Berry Strain Genetics

Haze Berry from Royal Queen Seeds is an expression of the world-famous Blueberry strain from DJ Short, crossed with multiple High Times Cup-winner Super Silver Haze from the Netherlands. The very best of Californian genetics meets the best genetics from Amsterdam which can only lead to a sativa hybrid with top-shelf quality, quantity, potency and flavour.

Haze Berry Strain Terpene Profile

Haze Berry has a deep flavour of tropical fruits with a defined limonene citrus aftertaste – a unique taste perfect for Haze lovers. She grows with a distinctive blueberry scent and is complemented by a lemon sharpness. When smoked the palette is overwhelmed by a moreish mix of creamy blueberry and a lip-licking aftertaste on the exhale.

Haze Berry Strain Effects

The high is immediate and long-lasting, stimulating focus and creativity. Due to the Blueberry lineage, Haze Berry can also be a very relaxing and therapeutic strain. Perfect for social scenarios as the high can be clear and alert, making Haze Berry ideal to smoke throughout the day and a great choice while going about daily routines.

Medical Benefits Haze Berry Strain

Haze Berry has many therapeutic properties, with a high THC level of over
20% and a moderate level of CBD. She may help relieve pain and treat inflammation.
Haze Berry can also help to increase appetite and boost energy levels.

How to Grow Haze Berry Strain

Haze Berry is well recommended for a SCROG grow and can be trained easily, making this strain a great choice for intermediate and professional growers. Buds will grow with a good density, and due to the Super Silver Haze lineage, expect flowers to foxtail and stack up as they fully mature in a span of 9-10 weeks.

Haze Berry is also a tough plant and has a high resilience to cold weather, mould and powdery mildew, thanks to the Blueberry indica lineage.