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White Widow x Afghani #1

by Royal Queen Seeds

Fruit Spirit is a balanced 60% sativa hybrid full of explosive fruity flavours and is one of the easiest strains to grow. She is a distinct phenotype of the legendary White Widow from Amsterdam, so if you want a blast from the past that’s also perfect for beginner growers, Fruit Spirit is the ideal choice. For all those who love smooth, fruity blueberry and red cherry flavours, be prepared to be inspired by Fruit Spirit.

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Fruit Spirit Strain Genetics

Fruit Spirit owes all its best traits to White Widow, one of the original pioneer cannabis strains in Holland that has been used as a breeding block for over 40 years. White Widow is famous for its rich THC content and low CBD levels, and its incredibly strong cerebral high. Using the best of these genetics, Royal Queen Seeds developed Fruit Spirit, a potent member the of White Widow family with an even stronger forest fruit aroma. 

Fruit Spirit Srain Terpene Profile

When smoked Fruit Spirit has a crisp, fruity, berry flavour that is refreshingly delightful. The aroma of the flowers have a subtle musk yet will fill the grow room with the perfumes and fragrances of a garden of fruit trees. When smoked the flavours are diverse, and the palate will enjoy a mist of sweet, creamy skunk with sharp notes of zesty berries.

Fruit Spirit Strain Effects

This strain has a THC level of 18% and a low CBD level, making her a cerebral rollercoaster. When smoked you will immediately feel a shift in clarity which can motivate and give you newfound energy. It is not recommended to smoke her late in the evening as she has the power to keep you (and your inner theorist) up all night. Well recommended for working through the day, social events and for sharpening focus and motivation. Fruit Spirit is a great choice for early risers and who want to kick-start their day with extra drive.

Medical Benefits Fruit Spirit Strain

Fruit Spirit can help elevate mood, improve mental clarity and increase motivation which may be helpful qualities for people suffering from depression. Fruit Spirit has also been reported to help relieve nausea and improve appetite which patients undergoing treatments as chemotherapy may appreciate.

How to Grow Fruit Spirit Strain

Fruit Spirit will grow up to 1 meter tall when fully flowered and is ready for harvest after 8 weeks. Growing with one central top bud and multiple side-branches, this strain can be trained to produce higher yields. She is a 60% sativa so will perform very well in SCROG, can take a higher feed than most strains and will reward you with very generous harvests. Outdoors, Fruit Spirit is an easy-to-grow plant and can grow as tall as 2 meters.