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Royal Medic x Shark Shock

by Royal Queen Seeds

Euphoria CDB is an 80% indica hybrid that’s rewarding to both grow and consume, and although low in THC, its high CBD content (almost 1:1) compensates for loss of psychoactivity.

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Euphoria CBD Strain Genetics

Developed by Amsterdam-based Royal Queen Seeds, this strain is a cross between CBD-rich Royal Medic and Shark Shock.

Royal Medic stems from the well-known 50/50 medical hybrid Juanita la Lagrimosa, whereas the indica-dominant strain Shark Shock is a vigorous grower and multiple cup-winner.

Euphoria CBD Strain Terpene Profile

Its terpene background gives off an alluring aroma that’s sweet, earthy and woody at once. It terms of flavour, it carries over quite nicely on the palate and tastes much like it smells, except it has an even sweeter presence.

Euphoria CBD Effects

Euphoria CDB is an ideal choice for a daytime smoke and adds something a little extra special to the recreational smoker’s day without disturbance in routine due to couch-lock or mental fogginess. This high-CBD strain has a long-lasting, cerebral high with no comedown, putting users in a highly infectious good mood.

Medical Benefits Euphoria CBD

CBD plays a large role in this strain’s growing popularity. Because this strain lacks the side-effects typical of high-THC strains, Euphoria CBD may be a good choice for users in need of daily mental and physical relief. It may also be useful for reducing chronic pain, social anxiety, and in larger doses, insomnia, which standard strains have trouble tackling.

How to Grow Euphoria CBD Strain

This strain is surprisingly easy to cultivate and although resistant to standard diseases and mildews, to thrive it needs a dry and sunny outdoor climate.

During the end of flowering, all of its buds cling together in a dense, solid indica formation, with leaves turning vibrant shades of green with brown and yellow pistils. It tends to grow short and bushy, with strong lateral branching, and so manicuring is made easy.