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Afghani #1 x Skunk #1

by Royal Queen Seeds

Critical by Royal Queen Seeds is a cross between Afghani and Skunk. This 60% indica hybrid is widely recognized for its short grow-cycle and high yield.

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Critical Strain Genetics

Critical has been developed by combining Afghani and Skunk. Afghani is an old school indica strain, if not the ‘mother’ of all indicas, as it is one of the oldest known varieties of cannabis to have grown. Skunk dates back to the 1970s and has been used to create other successful strains such as SkunkBerry and OG Skunk.

Critical Strain Terpene Profile

The flowers of Critical produce an overpowering skunky smell, one which is usually associated with its Afghani genes. Earthy and pungent chemical undertones are also noticeable when the bud is ground. Once vaped or smoked, it produces a mouthful of thick smoke, with a pleasurable skunky aftertaste.

Critical Strain Effects

At 60% indica, Critical will satisfy those who are seeking a mellow yet uplifting high. Once you consume Critical you immediately ‘switch gears’, with an instant sedative feeling taking over your whole body. If you know to have high tolerance on THC, you may consume this during the day for its cerebral properties without getting held back in the classic ‘couch-lock’ feeling.

Medical Benefits Critical Strain

As an indica hybrid, patients reported using Critical to treat symptoms of pain as well as to help them induce sleep. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore suited to treat joint pains as well as swelling. At the same time, its 1/3 sativa lineage may be utilized to treat lack of appetite, as well as coping with stress.

How to Grow Critical Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds describes Critical as a ‘cash crop’, and for a good reason. It has been created for the novice and advanced grower all at once. Critical can be ready for harvest in just 49 days. While short cycle on its own does not amount to much, combine it with extremely high yield, and you realize what makes this strain stand out. Do you have a problem with space? Royal Queen Seeds also took that into account.

Critical grows to a short height, making it a super space-saver crop, perfect for indoor or outdoor cultivation. If you are growing outdoors, late September is the ideal time to cash in the crop!