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Sweet Special x Royal Kush

by Royal Queen Seeds

Candy Kush Express is a balanced 60/40 indica hybrid by Royal Queen Seeds. It has a sweet flavor and aroma profile and is very easy-to-grow.

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Candy Kush Express Strain Genetics

Candy Kush Express is a 40% sativa 60% indica hybrid developed by Royal Queen Seeds. It derives from Sweet Special, a hybrid strain, and Royal Kush which is predominantly indica.

Candy Kush Express Strain Terpene Profile

Candy Kush Express gets its name from its unique scent and flavor. Commonly described as sweet and fruity, this strain’s desert-like flavor makes it pleasurable to consume at any time.

Candy Kush Express Strain Effects

The effects this hybrid strain hit you with an immediate up-lifting sensation, continuing with a distinct body-high due to its predominant indica genetics.The sativa genetics and relative low CBD-count, however, prevent an overpowering ‘couch-lock effect’. Candy Kush Express combines everything you can expect from a near-perfectly balanced hybrid, with an initial euphoria that transitions into a pleasing state of relaxation.

Medical Benefits Candy Kush Express Strain

Candy Kush Express may be used to deal with stress as well as pain as its effects induce an overall relaxing feeling. Easing the body and mind, this strain has also been found helpful in coping with anxiety.

How to Grow Candy Kush Express Seeds

Candy Kush Express can grow very easily under, almost, any circumstance. Whether planted indoor or outdoor, you will not find any surprises along the way, making this strain ideal for first-time growers. Expect to see wide snowflake like buds covered in crystals. When grown outdoors, you should be able to harvest Candy Kush Express by the end of September.