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SAGE x Mango

by Rockwell Seeds

Brought to you by the experts at Rockwell Seeds, Super Mango marijuana seeds are a fruity masterpiece with a taste you’ll not soon forget. This high in THC (around 19%) is resistant and easy to grow, with a rapid flowering time, offering a smooth, balanced and truly relaxing high. 

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Super Mango Genetics

Super Mango cannabis seeds are the result of combining two Cannabis Cup Winners which can only be described as absolute classics – the legendary Sage, and the equally epically popular Mango. These two famed cup winners have flavours that are amongst the most recognisable in the entire cannabis world, a trait that has been handed down to their baby boy, the versatile plant that is Super Mango.

Both strains are well known for their potent and instantly recognisable flavours, and this marijuana seed continues the legacy of these cannabis cup champions, thanks to the fruity vibe with more than a hint of herby, peppery spice. 

Super Mango Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Super Mango explains its distinct flavour. Caryophyllene provides the spicy touch, with a peppery taste left on the lips on exhale. 

Limonene is the reason for the fruity dominance to the flavour of this high THC content cannabis strain, similar to that of most Mango strains, while myrcene, the most common terpene found in cannabis, provides that famous herby flavour on the inhale and aroma on the exhale. 

Super Mango Effects 

Super Mango marijuana initially creates a balanced sensation, conducive to productivity and stress relief, thanks to the presence of limonene and other terpenes, before developing into a more relaxed, yet cerebral sensation. 

This cannabis strain isn’t necessarily one to start the day with but is a fine choice to bring it to a close. That all-important post-work relaxation period can be aided greatly by this immensely relaxing, euphoric Super Mango marijuana. This strain won’t see you straight off to sleep, but it will certainly make an evening of kicking back on the sofa feel that much more chilled and enjoyable.

Super Mango Medical Benefits

The terpene profile of Super Mango cannabis, along with the high THC content (a little under 20%), could result in binding with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, which can help to reduce pain. The pain relief and anti-inflammatory potential of this super-strong cannabis strain make it a potentially viable choice of medical seeds for sufferers of joint pains and other pain conditions. 

The terpene profile of Super Mango marijuana, that contains the famed healer limonene, could also provide potential relief for those with anxiety and stress-related mental health conditions. 

How to Grow Super Mango

Super Mango cannabis seeds are easy to grow as both outdoor and indoor seeds thanks to the plant’s resistance to the elements and fast flowering time. If growing indoors, these high THC seeds are perfect for SOG, and a high yield will tend to be ready for harvest in around nine weeks.

Make sure you have space when growing indoors, as branches of Super Mango marijuana plants can grow long, allowing for many cuttings. 

If you are looking for outdoor seeds, most warm climates can support the growth of this versatile plant, and a high-yielding harvest can be anticipated around mid-October (mid-April for those in the southern hemisphere).