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Big Bud x Red Skunk

by Rockwell Seeds

One of the fastest flowering cannabis seeds in our vast seeds bank, Red Star, is a stellar, indica-dominant hybrid strain by Rockwell Seeds. Red Star cannabis seeds are renowned for their potency and are popular with growers and consumers alike for their impressively rapid flowering time and high THC content.

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Red Star Genetics

Said to be a heavily indica dominant strain, Red Star’s genetic parents are both skunk/hybrid strains (and former cannabis cup winners) with indica leanings.

Big Bud earned its legendary status thanks to its relatively fast flowering period and high yielding resinous buds. Combined with the impressive force of the Red Skunk marijuana seed and you’ve got yourself a delicious and powerful skunk/hybrid strain with potently high THC levels and some top-class DNA genetics.

Red Star Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile of the Rockwell seeds, Red Star strain is still in development, being a skunk on skunk hybrid means this potent cross with Big Bud and Red Skunk in its DNA genetics is bound to contain earthy humulene, a terpene also found in pepper, hops and ginseng.

Humulene is known for its grounding, woody aroma and subtly spicy, piney notes which are certainly evident here.

Indeed, this skunk hybrid inherits a delightful aroma and somewhat sweet flavour from its Big Bud/Red Skunk lineage. The berry flavour associated with Red Skunk blends in perfect synergy with the earthy and piney flavours associated with Big Bud. 

Red Star Effects

Creativity and relaxation are written in the stars with this powerful highflying skunk hybrid. True to its skunk heritage, the Red Star cannabis strain packs a potent punch, thanks to its high THC levels which are said to reach a whopping 20%.

Although you can expect a typical indica body stone effect, which is deeply relaxing and calming, the uplifting and euphoric effects will surely ignite your imagination. So, ifs a potently relaxing body stone mixed with a spark of creativity you’re after, Red Star has you covered.

Medical Benefits of Red Star

With its humulene and THC content, this indica dominant strain has promising medicinal potential. If you are suffering from aches and pains, Red Star could be the answer thanks to its high THC levels, as studies have shown that THC has powerful pain-relieving properties.

Additionally, the medical benefits of humulene, found in skunk strains such as Red Star, are well researched. The terpene is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, capable of fighting off a variety of pesky infections. 

How to Grow Red Star

Red Star is a popular marijuana seed with experienced and inexperienced growers alike because of its easy cultivation, high potency, bountiful yields and rapid flowering time. This skunk/hybrid strain is not too fussy and as well as being fast flowering. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors with relative ease.

Red Star seeds produce robust, attractive plants with delicious resinous buds aplenty in a mere 6-7 weeks, making Rockwell seeds Red Star one of the fastest flowering varieties of cannabis strain available today.

Rockwell Seeds provide an autoflowering variety of feminised marijuana seeds known as Red Star auto. Like the feminised seeds, autoflowering seeds can also be grown both indoors and outdoors and will produce female plants which are both potent, and high yielding.

Although autoflowering seeds are known for being easy to grow, Red Star auto feminised seeds will take a little longer to harvest than the normal feminised seeds, with a flowering time of 10 weeks.