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Critical Bilbo x Great White Shark

by Rockwell Seeds

Critical Shock is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain brought to you by the seeds co Rockwell Seeds. This high THC strain comes from an enviable lineage (including famed indica strains like White Widow, Great White shark and Critical Bilbo) and provides a powerful, full-body buzz characterised by a sense of total relaxation.

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Critical Shock Strain Genetics

This easy to grow and fast flowering marijuana strain was created by combining two of the most popular strains around, both multi-time Cannabis Cup winners with excellent reputations.

One parent is the legendary Spanish marijuana strain, Critical Bilbo, while the other is one of White Widow‘s favourite children, the immensely potent, high in THC strain, Great White Shark.

The combination of these two powerhouse indica strains has given Critical Shock a particularly potent punch with a divine flavour and aroma that you’ll probably never forget.

Critical Shock Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of this high THC strain is responsible for its fruity, herbal flavour, and unique scent while also providing some potential health benefits.

Myrcene provides that smooth, herbal flavour and scent that cannabis is so well-known for, while limonene, a favourite in many a folk medicine circle, provides a noticeable citrus kick on the exhale.

Critical Shock Strain Effects 

This marijuana strain, with its very high THC content (over 20%) and negligible CBD content is not advisable for beginners or daytime consumption, especially, if you want to get some work done! (Those with a lower tolerance are better off checking out our Top 8 Cannabis Strain for Beginners).

However, if you are looking for the ultimate chill out after a long day at the office, the full body and mind relaxation, with a hefty undertone of euphoria created by this hybrid strain makes it a standout choice.

Creative juices will surely begin to flow, although actually acting on any of your brilliant ideas may have to wait until the following morning due to the high THC content which is sure to leave your body in a mild-state of so-called couch-lock.

Critical Shock Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana potential of this Rockwell Seeds strain is strong, thanks to both its terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

The high THC content, combined with the possible pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of myrcene, give the strain the potential to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain conditions. 

Despite the low CBD content on offer, the relaxing effects provided by the high THC levels, as well as the rumoured anti-stress properties of limonene, could also act as medical marijuana to relieve for the effects of anxiety and stress-related disorders.

The presence of myrcene also acts as a regulator, and could potentially enhance the effects of limonene when using this as a medical cannabis strain. 

How to Grow Critical Shock Seeds

Resistant to the elements, easy to grow and high yielding, with fast flowering time, this cannabis seed is a great choice for both beginner growers or seasoned veterans. 

Growers preferring indoor cannabis strains should be aware that the aroma from the plants of this Critical Bilbo descendent can be particularly pungent.

These truly delicious seeds have a very swift flowering time, potentially being ready within seven weeks, but should take no more than nine. 

Outdoor growers can excitedly expect a very high yield of tasty, beautiful, trichome covered buds to be ready to go around mid-September.