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Blueberry x Rosetta Stone

by Rockwell Seeds

Brought to you by the experts at the Rockwell Seeds, Blue Rose is an easy to grow, indica dominant hybrid strain with a high THC level and a fast flowering time. Blue Rose is a perfect hybrid that combines a fast-acting high with a memorable flavour that makes it truly top-shelf material. 

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Blue Rose Strain Genetics

These wonderful cannabis seeds were born when the two legends Blueberry and Rosetta Stone were crossed to create a flavourful, indica dominant hybrid strain with fast flowering seeds and a truly memorable flavour. 

Blue Rose hails from a pretty impressive lineage –  Blueberry, a cannabis legend in its own right, famed for its potency and flavour and Rosetta Stone, a strain that bears the legends of White Widow and Jack Herer in its genetical lineage. 

With a genetic background as impressive as this, it is no surprise that this hybrid cannabis strain has a particularly strong kick because of its potent flowers that are packed with luscious THC soaked trichomes. These potent and delightful flowers inherits bluish and purple colours from the DNA genetics of its legendary Blueberry parent.

Blue Rose Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of these delicious seeds provides a strong berry flavour, with hints of pine and spice to create a tempting taste and unique aroma. Myrcene is the dominant terpene here, providing that classic herbal aroma that cannabis plants are famed for.

The subtle touches of spice and pine to the flavour of Blue Rose come from caryophyllene and pinene, respectively. Caryophyllene is the only terpene which binds to cannabinoid receptors, as THC does, leading many to believe the terpene has pain-relieving qualities, as well as adding that vibrant kick on the exhale. 

Blue Rose Strain Effects 

With effects that are both swift and effective, this exciting strain from Rockwell Seeds can generate a euphoric, upbeat mood, making this cannabis strain effective for both day or evening use. As such, Blue Rose is conducive to both productivity and creativity, making it equally effective on either a busy day or a quiet one. 

The terpene profile inherited from its legendary parents provides potential anti-stress properties, from both the caryophyllene and the myrcene present in the genetics of the strain. 

Blue Rose Medical Benefits

Thanks to its terpene and cannabinoid profile, Blue Rose has the potential to offer numerous medical benefits. 

The high THC content (around 20%), combined with the terpenes present are thought to help relax the mind, offering potential assistance to those with anxiety and depression. 

The pain-relieving potential of caryophyllene, combined with the claimed anti-inflammatory benefits of both myrcene and pinene, also makes Blue Rose a popular medical cannabis choice for those with chronic pain conditions, as well as headaches and migraines

How to Grow Blue Rose

Far from your typical garden rose, Blue Rose cannabis seeds are easy to grow, with indoor growth often seeing a yield after just seven weeks flowering time.

Suitable for home gardening both indoors and outdoors, those who prefer growing cannabis outdoors can expect a high yielding harvest towards the end of the summer from these fast flowering seeds. 

It is essential to have space if growing these delicious seeds indoors, as these plants can become thick and leafy. Come harvest, you can expect a high yield of vibrant bluish and purple colours with potent buds full of trichomes.