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AK 47 x Kali Mist

by Rockwell Seeds

Afghany Kal from the Rockwell Seeds bank is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a fast flowering time, producing a tough, robust and strong plant that suitably rewards your growing efforts with beautiful buds, soaked in resin.  Like many of the famed Kush strains, Afghany Kal is widely revered for its powerfully sedating effects and long-lasting cerebral high that you won´t quickly forget.

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Afghany Kal Strain Genetics

A welcome addition to our vast seeds bank, these sativa-dominant feminised seeds have an impressive genetic background, with its parents being the legendary cannabis cup winner hybrid AK-47, and the so-called “Queen of Sativas” New Kali Mist. 

As well as its high THC content (averaging around 20%), Afghany Kal has also inherited a smooth, refreshing, and long-lasting high from the hugely popular strains in its DNA genetics. 

Afghany Kal Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of these feminised seeds is still under-development, but due to the genetics, we can safely assume the presence of caryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene, all of which are terpenes that have an effect on the tasty flavour of this hybrid strain.

Caryophyllene provides the spicy kick to the flavour that is most notable on the exhale, while myrcene is responsible for that classic, herbal aroma, and flavour that cannabis is well-known for. 

Pinene is the third dominant terpene present, and adds a sweet earthy touch to both taste and scent, with more than a hint of pine on the exhale.

Afghany Kal Strain Effects 

The effects of this Rockwell Seed strain are potent, long-lasting, and stimulating for both body and mind, creating an energetic, uplifting buzz with an underlying sense of euphoria that can endure for much of the day and is ideal for those looking for an aid to productivity in the morning, a pick me up during the day, or an extra boost in the evening. 

The fruity taste and aroma on both inhale and exhale is an enticing sensation for both tongue and nose, and helps with the generally pleasing nature of this increasingly popular hybrid strain. 

Afghany Kal Strain Medical Benefits

The effects of caryophyllene and the THC level on the endocannabinoid system, which helps to control hunger levels, along with the gastroprotective potential of pinene, makes Afghani Kal a valuable medicinal cannabis choice for those who are struggling with a loss of appetite. 

The presence of caryophyllene and myrcene in these hybrid feminised cannabis seeds potentially provide pain-relief, as could the THC content, giving it further health possibilities. Relief for joint pain, migraines, and chronic pain-related issues has been reported by those using Afghany Kal as a form of medicinal cannabis.

How to Grow Afghany Kal Seeds

Easy to grow, these hybrid feminised cannabis seeds will produce a durable and strong plant that requires very little in the way of maintenance. Suitable as both outdoor and indoor seeds, the compact nature of this strain also means that not too much space is required to cultivate these impressive plants. If you choose to grow marijuana indoors,  you can expect a flowering time of around eight to ten-weeks with these female seeds. 

However, if you prefer to grow marijuana outdoors, these potent marijuana seeds will harvest around mid-October in the majority of climates, providing an impressively high yield of crystal-coated, dense, resinous buds.