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Courtesy of seeds bank Resin Seeds, Yummy cannabis seeds are everything you would expect from such a name, as this sativa-leaning hybrid strain is packed with flavour. A potent blend of the famed Yumbolt and the iconic multiple cannabis cup winner G13 Haze, Yummy female seeds produce a high THC strain which offers a powerful cerebral and uplifting high.

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Yummy Genetics

Seeds bank Resin Seeds have masterfully blended the Yumbolt and G13 Haze marijuana seeds to create these impressive female seeds, and Yummy can thank its impressive DNA genetics for its potency as well as its flavour with both parents known for their high THC level.

Cannabis cup winner Yumboldt is famed for its strong and sedative effects, while G13 Haze is a legendary hybrid child of G13 and Hawaiian Haze, a landrace strain from the idyllic islands. Like Yumbolt, these haze strains are known for their potent effects.  With such powerful parents, it’s no surprise that Yummy also offers a high THC level ranging between 19% and 23%.

Yummy Terpene Profile

Yummy cannabis seeds grow into a truly tasty marijuana hybrid strain. The contrasting of sweet and spicy flavours with a burst of citrus provides a truly mouth-watering canna experience.

While the terpene profile of Yummy feminised seeds is still being analysed, we can make some educated guesses on the presence of specific terpenes likely inherited from their genetic parents.

For example, the limonene in G13 Haze is commonly found in citrus fruits and responsible for that lemon vibe while linalool is undoubtedly responsible for the sweet, floral note. Caryophyllene is also thought to add a bit of spice, while pinene is likely responsible for those woody undertones.

Yummy Effects

Like many potent sativa hybrids, Yummy offers up a delightfully balanced yet potent high that targets both body and mind. With a THC level pushing 23%, this delicious, or should we say, Yummy sativa strain is, however, not for the faint-hearted so less experienced users should moderate their dosage on this potently high  THC strain.

An uplifting, cerebral boost unfolds gradually, eventually leading to a state of euphoria, an effect likely caused by the presence of mood-boosting limonene which is known to be effective in lifting spirits and getting those creative juices flowing. With increased energy and focus, this tasty hybrid sativa strain is suitable for day-time consumption, particularly for creatives.

Medical Benefits of Yummy 

While the CBD content of Yummy seeds is thought to be negligible, with a high THC content, Yummy can still be used as medicinal cannabis, particularly for those suffering from chronic pain. Ongoing medical research continues to suggest that THC and cannabis strains with high THC content have a multitude of therapeutic benefits.

Terpenes also have medical benefits – take limonene, for example, which acts as a mood-elevator making it ideal for those who are prone to depression and anxiety. Linalool and caryophyllene also possess analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Grow Yummy

Yummy feminised seeds are a photoperiod flowering type of marijuana seeds and can be grown both in or outdoors. Indoor growers will find that they will harvest a higher yield when cultivating Yummy. However, your plant will need a flowering time of up to 70 days to deliver a yield of  400gr per m2 (interior) or 150-300 gr per plant for those growing in an outdoor environment.

Although Yummy feminised seeds might not be the easiest cannabis seeds to grow for those with minimal cultivating knowledge, experienced growers should find these truly yummy seeds to be relatively straight-forward.