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MK Ultra x LA Confidential

by Resin Seeds

A deliciously powerful strain, L.A Ultra by Resin Seeds is the ideal combination of two super strains, inheriting our favourite aspects of its M.K. Ultra and L.A Confidential heritage. Expert breeding has provided this quick flowering, high in THC strain (19-23%) with the best aspects of both sativa strains and indica strains resulting in a truly potent indica-dominant hybrid.

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L.A. Ultra Strain Genetics

While Resin Seeds have not disclosed its exact heritage, it is assumed that the quick flowering L.A. Ultra marijuana seed acquired its fantastic genetics from the famed cup winner hybrid strains, M.K Ultra and L.A. Confidential.

A shed-load of Indica and a tasty hint of sativa strains come together in this wonderful hybrid strain, with its parent L.A. Confidential’s properties coming on top making it a strong indica-dominant strain that is well sought after in seed banks across the globe. Indeed, these potent indica dominant feminised seeds deliver a superb average of 19-23% THC.

L.A. Ultra Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile of L.A Ultra is still under development, we can assume the presence of certain terpenes based on the strains genetics and flavour profile.

L.A. Ultra boasts a surprisingly sweet, citrusy flavour, with none of the earthy aroma usually associated with an indica-dominant cannabis strain.

A prevalence of myrcene and limonene can be attributed to its citrusy flavour, with myrcene adding to this strains indica dominant effects. A hint of Linalool passed down from parent L.A. Confidential, adds a sweet tinge to L.A. Ultra’s impressive flavour profile. 

L.A. Ultra Strain Effects

Like other, near-pure Indica strains, L.A. Ultra is a powerful, hard-hitter considered to be one of the more potent cannabis strains available today. It can have a slow starting effect which, although very similar to so-called “Indica effects”, is typically boosted by a tinge of a euphoric, creative and uplifting buzz resulting from the hint of sativa in its genes. 

This impressively powerful buzz usually subsides into a state of pure, happy relaxation and often ends in a blissfully relaxed state of serene tranquillity.

Medical Benefits of L.A. Ultra Strain

While the CBD content is negligible, being an indica-dominant high in THC strain, L.A. Ultra’s preferred use is relieving various types of pain through its soothing body-high. Myrcene is partly responsible for this, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. From headaches to cramps, it can help to relax contracting muscles, appeasing any muscle pain. 

The limonene present in this medicinal cannabis strain could also help to relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders and complements the effects of myrcene by potentially reducing stress and anxiety.

How to Grow L.A. Ultra Strain

Available in feminised seeds, Resin seeds LA Ultra is an easy to grow photoperiod flowering type marijuana seed that can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. Being an indica dominant hybrid,  LA Ultra feminised seeds grow short in stature with its thick and sturdy stems and branches making it highly resistant to adverse weather conditions if grown outside. 

Flowering time can vary seasonally, but usually, after 7-8 weeks, its dense, bushy buds will be ready to harvest, emanating a delightful citrusy smell.

Indoor growers can expect LA Ultra feminised seeds to deliver around 350g/m² of delicious buds under grow lights, while outdoor growers can expect to harvest anywhere between 100 and 200 grams per plant, provided the plants receive the correct treatment.