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Fresh, fruity and packed with flavour, the Bubblicious strain certainly lives up to its name, with a taste reminiscent of bubble gum. Brought to you by Resin Seeds (proud winners of two cannabis cup awards), Bubblicious is an indica-dominant hybrid popular in seed banks for its or its rewarding yields and fast-flowering time, as well as those mouth-watering flavours.

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Bubblicious Strain Genetics

Bubblicious cannabis seeds are the result of careful breeding from a long line of indica strains from around the world. Resin Seeds have crossed an original BubbleGum female plant with an F1 Lavender male to deliver this sweet and fruity feminised seeds.

While the DNA genetics of Bubble Gum (another cannabis cup winner) remains something of a mystery, aromatic Lavender boasts a complex lineage of skunk strains including Super Skunk, as well as Afghani genetics. 

 Bubblicious Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile of Bubblicious cannabis seeds is still under analysis, we can safely assume the presence of certain terpenes inherited from this strain´s impressive lineage.

These delicious cannabis seeds inherit their candy-like character from genetic parents, cannabis cup winners original bubblegum and Lavender.

Linalool, a compound found in the aromatic herb lavender, is thought to be responsible for the indica strain’s distinct, sweet floral taste while the likely presence of limonene accounts for that fresh burst of citrus. On the exhale you may notice an earthy undertone that is caused by the likely presence of myrcene.

Bubbilicious Strain Effects

A wave of relaxation is the first noticeable effect when consuming Bubblicious. This indica-dominant, mid-to-high THC strain (16-20%) offers potent effects on both the body and mind, even in seasoned cannabis veterans. However, despite its relatively high THC level and indica-dominance, citrusy limonene seems to balance the body-stoned effect with its mood-elevating properties.  

As a consequence, this powerful hybrid is said to aid mental clarity, with its effect on both mind and body making it appropriate for many different activities, either during the day or in the evening. 

Medical Benefits of Bubblicious Strain

While the CBD content is negligible here, the terpenes that seem to be present in Bubblicious seeds, not only enrich the flavour and aroma but could have some potentially therapeutic benefits.

Assuming the presence of limonene in this high in THC strain suggests that it could be used as medicinal cannabis to lift mood and therefore potentially beneficial for those suffering from stress or anxiety. The presence of known muscle-relaxant myrcene can help to relax the muscles and alleviate pain. 

Linalool, thought to be present in Bubblicious, is also known to have medicinal properties, having been used in traditional medicine. More recent studies appear to show the terpene can also act as an anti-depressant and may also help to boost the immune system. 

How to Grow Bubblicious Seeds

Available as feminised seeds, the Bubblicious strain is known for producing high yields and a quick flowering period. A resilient choice, Bubblicious female seeds, a photoperiod flowering type can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, this hybrid marijuana strain is not particularly easy to grow as it requires some careful handling during the plant’s vegetative stage. It may be worthwhile to consider topping or super cropping to promote vigorous growth. 

However, with a little time and effort, the fast flowering time of these feminised seeds means Bubblicious can be ready to harvest in as little as eight to nine weeks.