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OG Kush x Trainwreck

by Reserva Privada

Kandy Kush, from the DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line, combines two California classics to make a great tasting and thoroughly relaxing indica-dominant hybrid.

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Kandy Kush Strain Genetics

The Reserva Privada line from DNA Genetics sports some of their best products. One of which is the super-sweet combination between two California classics, namely OG Kush indica and the sativa Trainwreck. As a result, Kandy Kush is an indica-leaning hybrid with balanced effects.

Kandy Kush Strain Terpene Profile

With an overwhelmingly fruity flavour and aroma, it should come as no surprise to see limonene in the terpene profile of Kandy Kush. The fruity combination of berries and citrus fruit is extraordinarily sweet and tickles your senses. This fruitiness is carried by a spicy undertone (thanks to the presence of caryophyllene) that touches on the Kush and Skunk elements of this strain’s genetics.                 

Kandy Kush Strain Effects

Get ready to say bye-bye to your troubles! Kandy Kush is an evenly-balanced, indica-leaning hybrid strain that gives your body and mind a break from a long and stressful day. After just a few tokes, your muscles will relax and tension disappears. At the same time, your mind will slip into a calm and happy state of bliss. However, if overconsumed, Kandy Kush does tend to lean towards those indica effects and a spell on your sofa seems more than likely. 

Medical Benefits Kandy Kush Strain

As you might have guessed from the effect description above, Kandy Kush is an excellent strain to reduce stress and tension, both mental and physical. It’s also an effective analgesic and will help to reduce nausea or loss of appetite.

How to Grow Kandy Kush Strain

One of the defining features of Kandy Kush is its tremendous trichome production, which begins as soon as five weeks into the vegetative state. It has colourful buds, comprising of green, purple, and blue hues. Indoors, this strain produces the best yields using the ScrOG method. Due to its natural resistance to moulds, Kandy Kush is suited to cultivate outside, even in colder climates.