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Jasmine x Silver Haze x Trainwreck

by Reserva Privada

Cole Train – an indica-dominant hybrid with its roots in sunny California. Developed as part of DNA Genetic’s premium Reserva Privada range, this award-winning strain is for cannaisseurs who appreciate a fast-flowering time and large yields.

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Cole Train Strain Genetics

Reserva Privada took the mid-‘90’s strain Jasmine, an early Silver Haze hybrid from Humboldt County in California, and crossed it with the sativa heavy hybrid Trainwreck. This 70/30 indica hybrid, however, should not be confused with the hybrid “Night Train”, which has the same genetic makeup.

Cole Train Strain Terpene Profile

Flavor-wise, this strain is most reminiscent of the old school Colombian sativas, even though it is indeed an indica-dominant hybrid. It has that typical, pungent, spicy and skunky aroma with a slight, herbal citrus tang.

Cole Train Strain Effects

This strain is very much an indica in its effect. It gives an almost immediate euphoric and body-relaxing sensation that makes consumers want to sit down and chill out.

The sativa genetics of this strain might make a bit less ‘couch-locking’ than most pure blood indicas, but don’t expect to get much higher than first gear either.

Medical Benefits Cole Train Strain

As an indica, this strain is best used as a remedy for all but the most severe headaches. Besides that, it is an ideal alternative medicine for reducing chronic stress and pain. Lastly, it has been known to help those who are experiencing sleepless nights or even insomnia.

How to Grow Cole Train Seeds

Cole Train is one of those strains that are very resilient to molds, colder climates and other conditions that might impede the growing process. It will grow fast and with ease, producing an excellent yield typically within 7 to 9 weeks.

The only thing to keep an eye on is that Cole Train loves nutrients and needs them on a regular basis.