As cannabis legality continues to spread, its usage is becoming increasingly more commonplace, particularly in social environments as more and more people begin to feel comfortable in sharing their experience with cannabis. 

Of course, cannabis and socialising have not always gone hand-in-hand. Not only was the issue of legality prohibitive when it came to sharing, but the stigma surrounding its usage meant many users felt the need to hide their guilty pleasure or avoid it entirely.

Furthermore, the lack of variety in strain choices meant that choosing to smoke cannabis before socialising was considered a bad idea with cannabis effects known to be not especially enjoyable for someone trying to socialise. 

Indeed, for many, the idea of smoking cannabis before socialising was akin to drinking a cup of coffee before going to sleep or eating your dessert before your dinner. In other words, not the smartest of plans. For some people, cannabis can have the effect of making them feel so sleepy that even leaving the house is too much of a stretch. It can also cause some people to feel anti-social or anxious/paranoid, making social usage an absolute no-no.

However, the reality is that cannabis now exists in many forms, with hundreds, if not thousands of different types with the best cannabis strains offering a multitude of different effects.

While some strains might leave you feeling super chilled and ready for an evening of fast food and junk TV, other strains offer energizing effects that can make you more talkative, relaxed and sociable, making them an ideal choice for a social setting like a party or a night out with friends. 

What Strain is right for me?

Understanding the differences between certain types of cannabis is vital if you are going to find a strain that is ideal for socialising. 

While most people tend to go by the basic “indica or sativa” model, cannabis has evolved tremendously in recent years and as it has evolved, so too has our understanding of what effects are likely to be offered up by a certain type of marijuana. 

Today, hundreds of cannabis hybrids offer a range of effects, inheriting qualities from both the indica and sativa strains in its genetics.

Indica-dominant hybrid strains will typically offer more relaxing effects, ideal for staying “in dI couch” as they say. On the other hand, sativa-dominant strains are more uplifting, and ideal for social situations like dinner parties and well, parties.

Sativa-dominant strains can offer a burst of euphoria and uplifting effects that allows for a clear-headed experience that is conducive for both conversation and creativity. It can also help to reduce inhibitions, which in turn can help you to relax and enjoy yourself in a social setting. 

Other, more balanced hybrid strains offer a blend of effects that can prove cerebrally uplifting, but also physically relaxing. These strains are also good for smaller occasions and those endless late-night room-mate chats. 

While we classify these effects under the broad spectrum of “indica and sativa”, in reality, the difference in effects from certain strains is because of the terpene and cannabinoid profile of that specific strain. 

Depending on the profile of the strain, some will promote more social tendencies, while others can induce feelings of introspection, tiredness or a desire to just sit back and relax. As such, the key to using cannabis for socialising is finding a high energy terpene strain that can promote more social tendencies and help to reduce social anxiety.

Indeed, by choosing the right strain, not only can you avoid some of those unwanted effects, but you can actually choose a cannabis strain that is ideal for socialising and social situations.

Microdose and Share!

One of the main reasons why cannabis and socialising have something of an infamous reputation is the inability of users to dose correctly. Quite simply, smoking too much cannabis, particularly if you choose a high THC strain, is likely to prove unconducive to a sociable night of engaging conversation.

As such, if you plan on smoking cannabis either prior to, or while socialising, try the “two-puff-pass” method which, while not only being a sociable activity, ensures you don’t overdo it by consuming too much on your own.

Many of us have a tendency to underestimate our reactions to cannabis, but you might be surprised at just how little you actually need to boost your energy and provide you with the required perkiness to make the most of your social activities.

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