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Tangerine Kush x Somali Taxi Ride

by Rare Dankness

Tangerine Somali is a sativa-dominant, hybrid cannabis offering from Colorado’s Rare Dankness Seeds that combines two very different lineages to create an amazing tangerine flavour profile and an unforgettable high. This THC heavy beauty could become your new favourite marijuana strain real quick!

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Tangerine Somali Strain Genetics

Tangerine Somali marijuana seeds blend a Rare Dankness signature strain with a potent and pungent offering. On one side, you have Tangerine Kush (Tangerine Haze x Rare Dankness #1) with its fruity, tangy loveliness, while the other side of the family tree is headlined by Somali Taxi Ride (Afrika, Malawi x Nevil’s Wreck), which is a high THC level, hazy masterpiece.

An exciting blend of two almost opposing parent strains, these Tangerine Somali cannabis seeds boast Haze, Thai, Afghani, Chemdawg, and a host of popular Cali strains in their heritage, amongst many others. Expect a fast-acting and hefty buzz, a myriad of beautiful flavours, and some amiable growing traits from this stunning hybrid.

Tangerine Somali Strain Terpene Profile

The most notable flavour of this Tangerine Kush x Somali Taxi Ride strain is citrus orange (hence the name!) which is provided by one of the dominant terpenes, limonene. While the tickle on the throat from this terp is usually rather sour, that is sweetened out slightly by the addition of caryophyllene. The latter also gives that undertone of petrol tones handed down from the Chem strains in the genetic background.

You’ll also get a skunky, hazy vibe, an earthy, herbal tingle on the exhale, which comes courtesy of the legendary marijuana terpene, myrcene. Also involved in the mix are the piney vibes of pinene and the floral hints of linalool, ensuring a complex, nuanced flavour and aroma that combines to create something exceptional.

Tangerine Somali Strain Effects

One of the most interesting results of the intriguing lineage of Tangerine Somali cannabis seeds is the diverse range of effects. From one side, you have a relaxed, gentle head buzz, while a more energetic, creative, and euphoric body high comes from the other.

This means you may well have a different experience each time you smoke this hybrid strain, but for the most part, the two buzzes should essentially take turns. You’ll start with that uplifting, giggly sensation that is perfect for after dinner spent in the company of friends. As bedtime draws closer, the more chilled yet equally joyous feelings should take over, playing an ideal accompaniment to winding down towards a good night’s sleep.

Tangerine Somali Strain Medical Benefits

The contrasts mentioned above also play a part in the potential medical benefits of this Tangerine Somali marijuana strain. The two most widely reported positive effects are in relieving stress and anxiety, thanks to the THC and terpenes, particularly limonene and pinene, which have enjoyed centuries of traditional medicine use for the purpose.

Additionally, The medical marijuana genetics may offer a reduction in inflammation and other symptoms of chronic pain, likely to be due to the relatively high THC level (up to 18%) combining with caryophyllene, the only terpene to bind to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system which may support and even enhance pain response.

How to Grow Tangerine Somali Strain Seeds

Flowering time for indoor growers of Tangerine Somali regular cannabis seeds (feminized and autoflowering seeds not currently available) can be as little as eight weeks if you’re lucky but is more likely to take 10-11 weeks from germination, which is a perfectly reasonable time for such a high yield! The plants won’t grow too high, so a little pruning should be all it takes.

For outdoor and greenhouse gardeners, these cannabis plants respond best to warm, primarily dry climates like those found in Mediterranean climates. If that’s what your situation provides, then you can expect a field of dark green, pinecone shaped large buds in early October, decorated with a mass of orange pistils, wearing a coat of resinous crystal trichomes, and letting off a blissful scent of burnt orange.