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Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #2

by Rare Dankness

A multiple cup-winning Rare Dankness cut with the force on its side, Starkiller OG is an out of this world indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content and tangy lemon candy flavour that’ll send your mind and taste buds into hyperdrive.

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Starkiller OG Genetic Profile

World-renowned for their Sith strength effects and flavour, Starkiller OG marijuana seeds are what happens when you team up a galactic class indica classic with the Rare Dankness seed bank’s flagship sativa hybrid. Bred from the indomitable Skywalker OG – a cup-winning cross that mixes Mazar x Blueberry with classic OG Kush genetics – and the glorious Ghost Kush x Chemdog x Triangle Kush cross known as Rare Dankness #2, Starkiller OG lineage is stacked, to say the least.

Already a multi-award-winning cannabis strain – with both a High Times Cannabis cup and an Oregon Growers Cup beneath its belt – Starkiller OG’s impressive list of accolades speaks for itself. Though not yet available as autoflowering or feminized seeds, Starkiller OG is now available from MGS as regular seeds, and no garden would be complete without this indica-dominant Star Wars icon taking centre stage.  

Starkiller OG Strain Terpene Profile

Starkiller OG aroma profile makes its presence known from the very first sniff. An aromatic plant that blasts your olfactory senses with a skunk and sour OG Kush funk, while its smell might be oppressive to some, its flavour is much sweeter and citrus oriented. Tasting a little like Lemonhead candy, with earthy undertones and spicy hash accents coming through on the exhale, it’s a refined combination that justifies the strain’s acclaim and one Kush lovers will be talking about for years to come.

Like many Kush strains, Starkiller OG dominant terpene is beta-caryophyllene. However, its skunky, fruity taste comes from limonene, a compound found in lemongrass and the peels of citrus fruits. Its strong aroma makes this cyclic monoterpene an excellent botanical insecticide, but it’s also known to produce calming and anti-inflammatory effects when consumed. There’s also evidence to show that limonene, when combined with other compounds, can inhibit tumour growth and may play a vital role in the future of cancer research.

Starkiller OG Strain Effects

Although it’s armed with a range of physical and cerebral psychoactive powers, Starkiller OG genetics are around 70% indica-dominant, and this makes this phenotype’s impact predominantly physical. Users can look forward to an incredibly relaxing, full-bodied high with powerful pain killing potential. Beginning with a euphoric mental kickstart that cuts through the mind like a lightsaber swipe, Starkiller OG effects quickly transform into a muscle-melting, mood-boosting experience you’ll wish could be with you always.   

Under lab conditions, Starkiller OG THC level has been recorded at incredibly high THC levels ranging from 22-28%. Definitely not one for nerf herders, its psychoactive approach is particularly forceful and can easily send you to the dark side if you treat it with disrespect. Cannabis padawans should approach this high THC/low CBD strain with caution and save consumption for the later hours of the day.

Starkiller OG Strain Medical Benefits

More than the perfect accompaniment to a sci-fi movie marathon, weed-grown from Starkiller OG medical seeds also has tremendous health benefits. Its unique terpene and cannabinoid content are especially suited to providing pain relief from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. Limonene, caryophyllene and THC all have pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and may alleviate some of the daily discomfort associated with these particular health problems. These chemicals also benefit from the entourage effect, a unique phenomenon where different compounds work together to augment each other’s impact.

Starkiller OG medical benefits also extend to treating sleep disorders like insomnia. Any recreational user will attest to the strain’s max-strength sedative effects, which are especially pronounced if consumed in excess. If saved for bedtime and paired with a disrupted sleep pattern, its influence may help to reset circadian rhythms or at least help struggling patients grab a few hours of interrupted shuteye. 

How to Grow Starkiller OG Strain

You don’t have to be a seasoned farmboy to get big and beautiful results from this phenotype. However, with a little training in cannabis cultivation, even young apprentices can expect a healthy crop when growing Starkiller OG marijuana seeds. Frost and pest resistant and thriving equally well indoors or out, it’s highly suitable as a starter strain, but growers should avoid high temperatures and high ph levels to ensure healthy, happy plants.  

Starkiller OG cannabis seeds flowering time is when the magic happens. At around eight-ten weeks from germination, dense, purplish trichome-covered nugs will begin to form, giving the plant a powerful presence that makes for a dramatic garden centrepiece. A little stockier than its OG Kush sisters, it’s highly suitable for grow houses with limited space and adapts readily to techniques like SCROG and SOG. While already known to offer high yields, with super cropping methods such as these, this killer marijuana strain’s yields have even greater potential.