Buy Somali Taxi Ride strain seeds

Malawi x Nevil’s Wreck

by Rare Dankness

For those who love to live dangerously, consider Somali Taxi Ride – a super-strong, sativa-dominant hybrid strain from the Rare Dankness seed bank that promises an exhilarating psychoactive trip that’s full of dramatic twists and turns. 

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Somali Taxi Ride Genetic Profile

Strap in and hold on tight because this incendiary new indica/sativa hybrid from Rare Dankness Seeds will put you right on the edge of your seat! Born from Malawi – a pure South African sativa plant with an extremely long flowering time – and the seed company’s own Haze heavyweight Nevil’s Wreck, Somali Taxi Ride lineage is the stuff sativa lovers are going to absolutely lose their minds over. Its landrace genetics have lent this high-intensity, high THC/low CBD strain potent cerebral effects that will send you careering down a beautiful, though occasionally bumpy, road to a destination of pure, unfettered bliss. 

Thanks to DNA from Nevil’s Wreck, which merges Arcata Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze cannabis strains, Somali Taxi Ride marijuana seeds are a little easier to grow than their landrace relative and flower at a much faster rate while retaining the same euphoric potency. Available now from MGS as feminized photoperiod or regular cannabis seeds, this top-shelf, THC-dominant plant is the perfect new strain for adrenaline-junkies seeking a rollicking psychoactive ride.

Somali Taxi Ride Strain Terpene Profile

With its heavy Haze heritage, Somali Taxi Ride flavour profile is dominated by a spicy, floral quality that leaves a sour tingle on the tongue. Expect heavy hints of sage, skunk, and an earthy kush aroma when its buds are broken apart. A fruity candy smell with rich coffee undertones accompanies these fragrant herbal flavours, lending a welcome sweetness to the strain’s tantalizing and tangy taste. 

Like most Haze phenotypes, Somali Taxi Ride dominant terpenes include myrcene and humulene – two chemical compounds known for their hard-to-define, yet unmistakably herbal, aromatic qualities. Other subtle terpenes like linalool, alpha-pinene, and nerolidol also contribute their own floral fragrances while simultaneously augmenting the strain’s psychoactive and medicinal profile. 

Somali Taxi Ride Strain Effects

Named for its thrilling cerebral high, Somali Taxi Ride effects offer an intense sativa-dominant experience that’s created for only the most intrepid psychoactive explorers. Expect a heart-racing, high-octane journey into the deepest reaches of the mind and a sensory overload that’ll make you catch your breath. Things might get a little bumpy as the high progresses, but by the end, you’ll be left relaxed and satisfied with a new outlook and appreciation for the world around you.

Somali Taxi Ride THC levels can range from 17-21%, depending on the cultivation method. Designed exclusively for daytime use, this eye-opening cultivar may cause insomnia if consumed too late in the day and, if you’re a first-time user or prone to paranoia, we definitely recommend catching a different ride. Its intensity can be a little scary at times but, if you’re ready and willing for a bit of adventure, the journey – and the destination – are well worth the risk. 

Somali Taxi Ride Strain Medical Benefits

Sativa plants such as this Malawi x Nevil’s Wreck cross are primarily used for creativity and focus as they lack the sedative hit of an indica-dominant strain. As such, Somali Taxi Ride medical benefits are geared towards patients with behavioural disorders like ADHD and who need a little help keeping their minds on track. An excellent strain for aiding concentration, its psychoactive approach is ideal for helping easily distracted marijuana users maintain clarity in a modern world where it’s become so easy to get sidetracked.

Somali Taxi Ride medical marijuana may also be beneficial to those with fatigue. Its strong stimulating effects are powerful enough that even chronic sufferers will find themselves awake and energized after only moderate use. The perfect plant if you’re struggling to stay active throughout the day, its unique concoction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds will keep you buzzed and bright-eyed from dawn till dusk.

How to Grow Somali Taxi Ride Strain

Although a little more straightforward to rear than its parent plants, growing Somali Taxi Ride marijuana seeds is no pleasure trip and will test even the most experienced cultivators to their limits. Best grown indoors with a hydroponic set-up or under SCROG conditions, outdoors it will require a tropical/subtropical climate for successful growth. Producing tall, sativa-style plants with medium internodal distance and strong branching, the strain’s incredibly dank and dense, orange-wreathed buds might look a little unassuming but once cut and properly cured, will be packing some serious firepower!

Somali Taxi Ride cannabis seeds yields average at around 400 g/m² indoors or 500g per plant outside. Again, these aren’t the highest numbers, but what pheno lacks in productivity it more than makes up for in psychoactive potential. Despite being a somewhat tricky grow, Somali Taxi Ride flowering time is slightly shorter than its slow-growing landrace relative, ranging between eight-ten weeks from germination. For growers in search of a high-stakes but highly rewarding cannabis challenge, why not take this Rare Dankness original for a test drive?