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Nevil’s Wreck

by Rare Dankness

Heirloom genetics and heavyset cerebral effects make Scavenger’s Daughter from Rare Dankness Seeds true sativa-lover’s dream, but these high-maintenance regular seeds are reserved for cannabis cultivation champions.

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Scavenger’s Daughter Genetic Profile

The ultimate blend of heirloom genetics and a classic cut deep from the Rare Dankness seedbank, Scavenger’s Daughter lineage, matches DNA from a Cambodian Landrace plant with their own award-winning Nevil’s Wreck cultivar. Though not the easiest plant to grow, its criminally strong sativa-dominant effects and monstrous yields make this the perfect phenotype for expert growers to take a crack at.

Like its Southeast Asian parent, this Cambodian landrace x Nevil’s Wreck cross has a very long flowering period but also inherits much of the same tropical flavour and psychoactive strength that makes Cambodian cannabis strains so very unique. Impatient and unseasoned growers should stick to autoflowering, photoperiod, or feminized seeds, as Scavenger’s Daughter marijuana seeds are only available in a regular seed type and will test your cultivating chops to their very limits. But for experts who are up for the challenge, the returns far outweigh the risks.  

Scavenger’s Daughter Strain Terpene Profile

Like many Kush strains, Cambodian cannabis has a characteristically dank and earthy scent with hints of tropical fruit and astringent chemicals. Scavenger’s Daughter aroma isn’t too dissimilar but also features Haze and Skunk undertones inherited from Nevil’s Wreck. Its acrid smoke may tickle the throat and sinuses, but the floral flavours and slightly sour aftertaste you’ll experience make any coughing fits worthwhile. 

The fruity tropical flavours found in this strain are largely the product of myrcene terpenes, while its earthier qualities can be attributed to caryophyllene. Scavenger’s Daughter abundant terpenes also include limonene, linalool, and humulene, creating its spicy-sour bouquet and – via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect – can even make its psychoactive profile more pronounced. 

Scavenger’s Daughter Strain Effects

This phenotype gets its name from a medieval torture device, so it’s safe to say that Scavenger’s Daughter effects aren’t for those of a sensitive disposition. A crushing cerebral intensity makes this almost pure sativa strain totally unsuitable for novices or those prone to paranoia. Even experienced smokers may find its punishing psychoactive approach a little overwhelming. A blast of full-bodied euphoria and long-lasting stimulating effects make it especially useful for energizing the mind and perfect for keeping spirits high and ideas flowing throughout the day. 

Scavenger’s Daughter THC level hasn’t been tested under lab conditions but, if its heirloom antecedent is anything to go by, growers can expect levels of anything from 16-26%. Low tolerance and first-time users are in for a challenging experience if they mess around with this intimidating daytime strain, so save yourself the mental torment and opt for a more forgiving indica-dominant variety.

Scavenger’s Daughter Strain Medical Benefits

For fatigue-related medical issues, Scavenger’s Daughter medical seeds will come as an absolute blessing. Whether you’re mentally or physically drained, its strong stimulating influence is sure to get those synapses firing on all cylinders, keeping your mind awake and ready for action, and helping to inspire motivation in times when your energy levels are less than adequate.

Like many strong medical marijuana strains, Scavenger’s Daughter medical benefits are also suitable for treating glaucoma. THC is a multipurpose cannabinoid that promotes muscle relaxation and can relieve pressure on the optic nerve by up to 65%, making a high THC/low CBD strain like this definitely worth a look at.

How to Grow Scavenger’s Daughter Strain

Growing Scavenger’s Daughter cannabis seeds can be a torturous affair if you’re not prepared for a bit of work. Although it can be cultivated in a variety of environments, the plant will require a Mediterranean climate or one that’s even hotter, and its exceptionally long flowering period makes it unsuitable for those in higher latitudes. Thankfully, hardy landrace genetics have lent it tremendous pest and drought resistances, so outdoor growth is certainly possible and perhaps preferable owing to its stretchy sativa growth.

As mentioned, Scavenger’s Daughter flowering time mirrors that of its Cambodian parent. It can take fourteen weeks or longer from germination to reach full maturity, but the patient few who survive the journey will be generously rewarded. This pheno’s potency is rivalled only by its productivity, and Scavenger’s Daughter is a high yielder if grown successfully. 

With time, some helpful cultivating techniques, and a whole lot of TLC, seasoned marijuana growers will wonder why they ever thought twice about taking a chance on this challenging Cambodian x Nevil’s Wreck cross.