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Rare Dankness #2 x Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

by Rare Dankness

Pamelina is a near-pure indica hybrid cannabis strain from Rare Dankness that blends two of the Colorado-based seed company’s own creations to make an aromatic, tangy, high THC marijuana with a long-lasting, euphoric high

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Pamelina Strain Genetics

Pamelina crosses one of Rare Dankness’ signature strains, Rare Dankness #2 (AKA RD2 – Triangle Kush x Ghost OG x Chemdawg), with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut (F1 Durban x OG Kush). That puts a Cali connection of Kush, GSC, and Chem genetics into the family tree here, making these marijuana seeds a treat for strain hunters everywhere.

This impressive heritage promises a high yielding, extremely potent beauty with a nuanced aromatic profile and a plethora of tasty flavours. Expect the tastes and smells of the famous strains in the genetics blended to create a unique combination of sensory pleasures.

Pamelina Strain Terpene Profile

The most notable flavours and aromas present within this Forum Girl Scout Cookie x RD 2 strain come from the GSC and OG Kush strains it has descended from. There’s a fruity, slightly sour, slightly tangy vibe that comes from a combination of limonene and caryophyllene, especially on the inhale. Things are more old-school on the way out, with an earthy scent on the exhale that comes from myrcene.

As well as working hand-in-hand with limonene, caryophyllene also has a solo role to play here, creating that spicy, peppery, petrol-tinged sensation that we all know and love from Chemdawg, Sour Diesel, and similar strains. This is basically the Mount Rushmore of cannabis terpenes, blending to create a complex and beautiful flavour.

Pamelina Strain Effects

With a high THC content that tips the scales at 22%, Pamelina cannabis is best reserved for the more experienced smoker, as the high hits hard and fast. Expect to feel it in your limbs first, with a full-body stone that is immensely relaxing.

However, despite the potency, the head high isn’t as sedating as you may expect, instead, providing a more uplifting, euphoric buzz that is conducive with long and complex conversations about life’s great philosophies (like “which chips should we open first?”). Save this for the evening time, and it should give you the perfect vibes for company and then a good night’s sleep.

Pamelina Strain Medical Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies and OK Kush are both popular strains for health benefits, and those medical marijuana genetics have been passed down to Pamelina. Thanks to the high THC and caryophyllene levels, it is reported that this strain could provide relief for the symptoms of chronic pain symptoms related to fibromyalgia, migraines, and more.

Additionally, the terps and cannabinoids are thought to work together to help to reduce the symptoms of nausea and increase appetite, especially to those who have recently had an operation or are coming off a course of antibiotics or other medication that can affect appetite.

How to Grow Pamelina Strain Seeds

When grown outdoors, the award-winning genetics are apparent in the growing traits of these Pamelina regular cannabis seeds (no feminized or autoflowering seeds are currently offered) are very clear. Come early October, those in warm and relatively dry climates will see a vast field of dank, dense, and heavy pinecone shaped (and sized) buds letting off a strong aroma of tangy citrus with hints of diesel.

Indoor growers can see flowering times of as little as eight weeks from germination until a high yield of dark green, purple-hued buds are ready for harvest. Growing well with both SOG and SCROG methods, you can expect a thick coat of sticky resin, ideal for those who enjoy extractions.