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501st OG x Pamelina

by Rare Dankness

Sweet and earthy, green and purple, relaxing and uplifting, Mouse Trap is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from the Rare Dankness seed company that benefits from being one of the best resin producers we’ve come across. A potent, high THC level beauty, these marijuana seeds are quite the catch!

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Mouse Trap Strain Genetics

You don’t usually have to climb too far up a Rare Dankness marijuana strain’s family tree to find the company’s flagship strains, and that’s the case with these Mouse Trap cannabis seeds, too. The parent strains here are 501st OG (Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #1) and Pamelina (Girl Scout Cookies x Rare Dankness #2). It’s smart to blend these RD offerings with much-loved strains, and the result is a total treat for the senses!

Expect an array of OG Kush and GSC flavours, as well as a fast-flowering time, a high THC content of up above 20%, and a long-lasting buzz that takes both body and mind on a blissful journey!

Mouse Trap Strain Terpene Profile

The first thing you’ll notice in the taste of this cannabis strain is the elements of GSC that provide that sweet and fruity flavour. This is the result of two of the dominant terpenes, limonene and caryophyllene. Caryophyllene pulls a double shift in the flavour here, softening and sweetening the sour citrus tones of limonene and adding chemical notes reminiscent of Sour Diesel and Chemdawg.

The exhale is a classic experience, with the tastes and aromas being pure OG thanks to the herbal, earthy terpene, myrcene, which is also found in many Hazes and Skunk strains. This is a classic combination of terpenes, but thanks to the blend of chem and fruit provided by the two Rare Dankness strains, as well as some foresty hints from pinene, Mouse Trap has a unique personality.

Mouse Trap Strain Effects

When it comes to the effects of this 501st OG x Palmelina strain, the experience may differ, but the general vibe is the same. Expect relaxation to be the top sensation, with an undertone of euphoric happiness thanks to a surprisingly uplifting head high that offsets the near-sedative body buzz perfectly.

This is not a daytime strain, but with such a high THC level, you probably guessed that already! However, when your tasks for the day are done, this hybrid strain provides the perfect wind-down, supporting chatty, giggly evenings and then leading you towards a night of dream-filled sleep.

Mouse Trap Strain Medical Benefits

The potential medical marijuana benefits of Mouse Trap mainly involve mental and emotional support, such as the reported relief of stress and anxiety symptoms, whether related to ongoing conditions or short-term causes.

Additionally, consumers of Mouse Trap state that this high THC strain, thanks to the complex cannabinoid and terpene blend, aids in the alleviation of symptoms of insomnia, reducing the time it takes to get to sleep as well as sleep disturbances, possibly allowing for a longer and more peaceful sleep.

How to Grow Mouse Trap Strain Seeds

Mouse Trap regular cannabis seeds (autoflowering and feminised seeds not yet available) are on the higher side of medium in terms of yield, which is impressive considering the flowering time can be as little as eight weeks from germination and rarely reaches 10. There’s some stretch to the cannabis plants, so space is required, as is some fairly regular pruning and trimming. Beyond that, SOG or SCROG methods should yield good results.

Outdoor growers, especially those in warm, dry climates, can expect an even higher yield from these Rare Dankness seeds, with the dense, dank, golf ball-sized buds growing to show beautiful purple hues and orange pistils. Wearing a coat of pure white crystal trichomes, this eye-catching strain is perfect for resin extraction.