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Amnesia Haze x Nevil’s Wreck

by Rare Dankness

Bringing a little extra oomph to Amnesia Haze that you’re unlikely to forget, Moonshine Haze is a highly-intoxicating sativa-dominant phenotype from Rare Dankness Seeds and the winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa.

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Moonshine Haze Genetic Profile

Born from one of the oldest and best-loved Sativa hybrids on the market – the iconic Amnesia Haze – Moonshine Haze lineage has been carefully distilled by the Rare Dankness seed bank in an effort to supercharge this unforgettable cannabis classic. Marrying an Amnesia Haze mother plant from the Soma Seeds 2005-2009 series with Nevil’s Wreck – their own Neville’s Haze bestseller – the result is a slightly more Afghani leaning phenotype but with plenty of the Haze flavour and cerebral effects of its parent.

A tasty tropical tipple that’s ideal for daytime use, this high THC/low CBD special brew is the perfect accompaniment to any creative pursuit. A little challenging to grow, but with a shockingly powerful impact, consumers and growers alike should definitely commit this High Times cannabis cup-winning strain to memory. A fitting homage to the historic prohibitory measures faced by both the alcohol and cannabis industries, Moonshine Haze marijuana seeds are now available from MGS as feminised seeds.

Moonshine Haze Strain Terpene Profile

Moonshine Haze flavour exhibits all of the elements of a classic Haze strain, but with a subtle Kush twist that adds an extra level of refinement. Sugary tropical fruit flavours and refreshing pine and herbal notes combine with the spicy, earthy tastes associated with OG Kush, adding up a sumptuous and refreshing flavour that hits all the right spots.

The fruity herbal taste of Haze strains comes from terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene. Moonshine Haze dominant terpenes also include alpha-pinene – a pungent chemical found in the oil of numerous coniferous trees – that can actually mitigate some of the negative, anxiety-inducing traits of more potent sativa strains.

Moonshine Haze Strain Effects

The Amnesia pheno used to mother this plant came from the Soma Seeds 2005-2009 collection and was slightly more Afghani leaning than its contemporaries. This has lent Moonshine Haze effects a physical edge that’s lacking in similar breeds, but it’s still primarily a sativa-dominant strain with a creative, productive high. Opening with a powerful headrush and mind blowing cerebral effects, users can also expect a calming effect on the body but without the sedative finish of a traditional indica. This makes this Amnesia Haze x Nevil’s Wreck strain an ideal choice for daytime use by experienced cannabis consumers.

As an award-winning variety that’s cherished for its psychoactive strength, though Moonshine Haze THC level hasn’t been lab-tested, one can assume from its genetic history that this is a particularly THC-rich strain. Amnesia Haze regularly tests between 15-22%, depending on the cultivation methods used, and, as such, its intoxicating descendent should be avoided by novice smokers and those prone to paranoia.

Moonshine Haze Strain Medical Benefits

Like most sativa strains, Moonshine Haze medical benefits are particularly suited to those with mood disorders but, owing to its Afghani influence, it also can offer relief from certain physical conditions. Its uplifting and galvanizing high is an excellent tonic for tackling creative and physical fatigue, energizing both body and mind, and helping to motivate when inspiration is low.

Moonshine Haze medical seeds are also great for growers with depression. THC is thought to boost levels of feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin in the body. Its effect, though only temporary, is also instantaneous and can provide an immediate boost in mood to those who suffer from sadness at the chronic level.

How to Grow Moonshine Haze Strain

Sativa cannabis seeds are generally harder to grow and take longer to bloom than your average indica. Moonshine Haze flowering time is around ten weeks or more from germination, which is on the shorter side for a strain of its kind, which is sure to put a smile on the face of impatient sativa fans. 

Growing Moonshine Haze marijuana seeds should be reserved for those with experience as these plants require a specific Mediterranean climate and are highly susceptible to pests and mould problems. Although suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation, we recommended a green house or SCROG setup for better control, to limit height, and help boost Moonshine Haze yields to their maximum levels.

Producing stretchy plants with a typical sativa-like branch structure, with many separate colas that extend from one high growing stalk, growers can also expect plenty of crystal-coated sugar leaves and chunky trichome-wreathed buds from these regular seeds as a result of their hard work. So it’s well worth putting in the extra effort with this extraordinary Sativa winner, which is a must for growers who like a challenge that comes with sky-high rewards.