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oX Cookies x Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Pamelina x Rare Dankness #2

by Rare Dankness

Perfect when you’re in need of a little psychoactive TLC, Luv Muffin – a cherished Cookies and Kush mashup from the Rare Dankness seedbank – is like a warm and fuzzy hug in marijuana form; its luscious flavour and soothing effects filling you with good vibes from dawn to dusk.

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Luv Muffin Genetic Profile

A clone-only hybrid created from a rare rouge cultivar, this ruddy cannabis rebel from Rare Dankness may be the best thing to have ever happened to the Colorado-based seed company. A four-way combo of Forum Cookies, Ox Cookies, Pamelina, and Rare Dankness #2, Luv Muffin lineage is a veritable who’s who of the marijuana elite. From Blueberry to Bubba Kush to landrace strains like Durban Poison, its family tree is positively packed with potential, lending this high THC/low CBD champion plenty of qualities that growers will adore.

With picture-perfect purple flowers and striking red stems, this is a colourful, high producing cultivar that’s crammed with bag appeal but also a craveable cookie dough flavour and calming mix of indica and sativa effects. Now available in feminised cannabis seeds from the MGS online store, Luv Muffin marijuana seeds make for the perfect opportunity to start your own love affair with cannabis cultivation.

Luv Muffin Strain Terpene Profile

Luv Muffin flavour benefits from both its Kush and Cookies genes. A pungent and piquant bouquet of blueberry muffins and other fruity fragrances combine with classic OG Kush spice and delicious cookies terps, giving the strain a wholesome, fresh-baked taste that’ll charm your tastebuds with ease. Spicy, doughy and sprinkled with sugar, it’s a classy cultivar by any measure and offers a wonderfully intimate but intensely aromatic sensory experience for the discerning cannabis consumer.

Luv Muffin dominant terpenes include all of the major players found in cannabis, like caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. However, as a hybridized mixture of four different strains, its terpene profile also includes trace amounts of other aromatic chemicals like linalool, ocimene, and alpha-pinene. It’s this unique combination of chemicals that lends the strain its Kushy accents and vanilla notes, but also many of its sensual psychoactive qualities.

Luv Muffin Strain Effects

With its balance of both sativa and indica-dominant effects, this 4-way cross is an excellent all-rounder yet still potent in its approach. Fast-acting and providing a pronounced and highly euphoric cerebral boost followed by calming chills, feelings of hunger and happiness, and relaxing body high to finish, its range of complementary effects will leave you yearning for more, but make sure not to overindulge if you’re a novice user!

The intensity of Luv Muffin effects depends on its THC levels which can differ depending on lighting, the cultivation methods used and the curing process. Rare Dankness seeds haven’t provided an average, but based on their parents, growers can expect Luv Muffin THC content to range somewhere between 15 and 22%. As such, this high-powered heartbreaker is totally unsuitable for low-tolerance individuals, who should save their affection for an easier-going phenotype.

Luv Muffin Strain Medical Benefits

Science has shown that emotions like love and happiness are governed by a range of physical processes. Feelgood chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin play a significant role in promoting these sorts of positive emotions, and cannabis consumption has shown tremendous promise in helping encourage their production. Luv Muffin medical benefits are particularly suited to patients with mood disorders like depression, as its effects are known to cause powerful feelings of cheerfulness and contentment after only moderate use.

The hormones mentioned above are also key in promoting bonding behaviour and social interaction. Although some cannabis strains – particularly sativa varieties – can cause a spike in anxiety, weed-grown from Luv Muffin medical seeds can actually help socially anxious individuals feel calmer and more at ease in high-stress situations.

How to Grow Luv Muffin Strain

A mixed heritage means growing Luv Muffin cannabis seeds can throw up a few surprises if you’re unprepared. Producing big and beautiful plants with unrivalled bag appeal, its trichome-covered purple flowers and characteristic red stems are a sight to behold and make a charming and eye-catching addition to any cannabis garden.

With a predominantly sativa growth pattern, these plants are taller than average and can stretch considerably during the flowering period. Though suitable for indoor or outdoor growth, if you’re opting for the former, make sure you have enough headroom to compensate for her leggy physique. Luv Muffin yields are average for a strain of its type but may be increased through super cropping techniques like SCROG or LST. Feminized genetics have made this photoperiod cultivar suitable for beginners and experts alike, so don’t feel intimidated by its tall stature and rapid growth.

A relatively quick producer, Luv Muffin flowering time is a swift eight-nine weeks from germination and, as this Forum Cookies x OX Cookies x Pamelina x RD cross requires little in the way of extra nutrients and features powerful pest resistances, you can simply plant and sit pretty in the knowledge that a crop of dense and frosty, A-class cannabis is just around the corner.