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OG Kush Phenotype x Triangle Kush

by Rare Dankness

One of the Rare Dankness seed company’s most potent Kush crosses to date, Lee Roy – an indica-dominant OG hybrid with a virulent cerebral sucker-punch – is an excellent ally if you’re hoping to grow top-shelf quality cannabis plants at home, even though its hardcore effects won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. 

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Lee Roy Genetic Profile

Concocted from two connoisseur-grade marijuana strains specially selected from the Rare Dankness seed bank, Lee Roy lineage pairs the phenomenal Triangle Kush cannabis strain- Florida’s indomitable answer to the OG Kush phenotype – with Rare Dankness’s namesake cultivar, RD#1. 

This carefully crafted hybrid plant, which also features genetic material from Chemdawg and Ghost OG, has simplified the cultivation process no end, meaning it’s an excellent choice for those who lack experience but are looking for California quality results.

Offering incredibly potent, long-lasting effects which are cerebrally-charged but largely indica-dominant, tremendous resin production, and plenty of that fan-favourite kush funk, Lee Roy marijuana seeds are the perfect starting strain for beginner growers. Its strong-armed approach may be only intended for experienced consumers, but with these easy-to-grow regular seeds from Rare Dankness, anyone can try their hand at joining the Kush club.  

Lee Roy Strain Terpene Profile

Lee Roy flavour profile follows a classic OG Kush format. Expect an aromatic, earthy kush scent that’s laced with citrus, piney fuel, and exotic spice. Its complex and mouthwatering flavour is dominated by refreshing overtones of lemon and lime with just a hint of hashish on the exhale that pleasantly tickles the back of the throat.

Kush strains are thought to get most of their flavour from caryophyllene and a mixture of other terpenes like alpha-pinene, humulene, and limonene, but what makes them extra special is the diversity of their trace terpenes. Lee Roy abundant terpenes include all of those already mentioned, but also subtler chemicals like bergamotene and hashishene, an unusually dank monoterpene first identified in 2014.

Lee Roy Strain Effects

Meant only for mavericks, Lee Roy effects are THC-fuelled and unforgiving. A heady Sativa-like euphoria that lasts for hours and a floaty cerebral sensation is what awaits you after only a moderate amount of this criminally overpowered kush strain. On the tail end of the high, users will experience waves of physical relaxation and a ravenous increase in appetite before easing into a drowsy and pleasantly delirious fugue state. 

Rare Dankness hasn’t provided any specific information about Lee Roy THC content, but its potency speaks for itself. This is a high THC/low CBD strain, and growers can easily achieve THC levels of anything from 20% upwards along with trace amounts of CBG. However, its high-impact approach will easily floor the unprepared and inexperienced, so if you’re unaccustomed to regular cannabis use, we’d save this indica-dominant powerhouse for when you’re a little less wet behind the ears.

Lee Roy Strain Medical Benefits

All kinds of conditions can affect our relationship with food. For medical marijuana patients with anorexia and similar eating disorders or suffering from chemotherapy-related nausea, cannabis can be an absolute godsend. THC and terpenes like limonene can trigger the body to release a chemical called ghrelin, which regulates our hunger response. Lee Roy medical benefits are said to be particularly effective in this regard, making it a potentially ideal alternative appetite stimulant.

Pairing exceptionally well with its munchies-inducing effects, a strong inflammatory influence also makes weed grown from Lee Roy medical seeds a prime candidate for treating gastrointestinal disorders. Caryophyllene and CBN-rich kush strains like this can reduce the production of stomach acid, which can relieve acid reflux or heartburn, while simultaneously reducing pain, swelling and digestive discomfort.

How to Grow Lee Roy Strain

Growing Lee Roy regular cannabis seeds is a much simpler process than what’s usually required for an OG Kush strain, but there are still a few things that should be considered. Although they can be grown inside or out, these plants prefer cooler temperatures and boast a high calyx to leaf ratio, which makes them ideal for techniques like SOG, SCROG and for those with space constraints. 

Lee Roy flowering time is about eight-ten weeks from germination and blooms in dense multicoloured buds with exceptional frost coverage. As such, this trichome-covered phenotype is a prime candidate for making hash, BHO, and many other kinds of resin extraction.

Absolutely loaded with bag appeal, Lee Roy yields are also pretty damn beautiful. Even without implementing any special techniques, growers can easily walk away with healthy, if not generous, returns from these regular cannabis seeds. Great for beginners and expert cultivators alike, Lee Roy makes OG Kush growth accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, so now’s the perfect time to get acquainted with this new best friend you never knew you had.