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Rare Dankness #2

by Rare Dankness

Freshly baked by the Rare Dankness seeds company and just as fluffy and delicious as its namesake, Cornbread is a high-yielding indica/sativa hybrid with a potent sedative sucker punch and exquisite flowery flavour. 

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Cornbread Genetic Profile

This brand new indica-dominant strain from the Rare Dankness seedbank takes its own signature blend and combines it with one of the most elite Kush strains on the market. An inspired mix of Rare Dankness #2 and Katsu Bubba Kush – a rare OG Kush x Northern Lights super strain from Katsu Seeds – Cornbread lineage ensures high yields, heavyset indica effects, and a terpenic-rich experience for ravenous cannabis connoisseurs searching for the new flavour of the week.

Much easier to grow than many of its Kush ancestors, Cornbread cannabis seeds yield chunky, purple-tinged plants that are just as eye-catching as they are appetizing. Though not available as autoflowering or regular seeds, Cornbread is now available from MGS in a feminised photoperiod variety, so why try a slice of something a little different with this freshly-baked new breed from the Rare Dankness seeds company.

Cornbread Strain Terpene Profile

Based upon its name, you’d be forgiven for expecting an oven-fresh, buttery taste from this evocative marijuana strain. But, in truth, Cornbread flavour is much closer to that of a classic OG Kush plant and blends earthy pine notes and the smell of freshly cut flowers with a zing of citrus and exotic spice. Katsu Bubba Kush is a particularly floral phenotype, and this characteristic also carries to its descendent. Sweet lemons, smokey incense, and a delicate perfumed aesthetic complete its pungent bouquet, adding up to an ambrosial twist on a familiar flavour profile.  

Like most Kush strains, Cornbread dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and humulene. The strain’s perfumed notes can be attributed to subtle smelling compounds like linalool, alpha-pinene, and bisabolol. This latter terpene is also a significant component of chamomile and features powerful anti-inflammatory effects in addition to its floral scent. 

Cornbread Strain Effects

This Bubba Kush phenotype is around 80% indica dominant, adding up to an intense and physically orientated psychoactive experience. An excellent appetite stimulant, it makes the perfect pre-dinner pick-me-up, while its long-lasting effects will carry through far beyond the final course. Heavy tranquillizing effects soon follow, clearing the mind, calming the body and leaving users feeling satisfied, sleepy, and serene.  

Though Cornbread effects are undoubtedly strong, little information exists about its specific THC content. However, depending on a range of external factors – including the culture medium, environmental conditions, and cultivation techniques – its Katsu Bubba Kush parent has been known to reach levels of up to 25%, so it’s safe to assume Cornbread THC level is in a similar range. Unsuitable for novice users due to its strong sedative effects, couchlock is a common occurrence with this high THC/low CBD, so save consumption for the latter half of the day to avoid an early night.

Cornbread Strain Medical Benefits

Plenty of medical conditions can affect our appetite, and poor nutrition, an unbalanced diet, and irregular eating habits are known to have plenty of damaging knock-on effects on the human body. Weed grown from Cornbread medical seeds acts as a potent appetite stimulant by causing the body to release ghrelin – a hormone that regulates our hunger response. This certifies this strain as an excellent choice for conditions like anorexia or those suffering from chemotherapy-related nausea. 

If you suffer from an irregular sleep pattern or struggle to drift off at night, Cornbread medical benefits – which include a potent sedative effect – could help to provide a return to normalcy. THC is known to shorten the period of sleep latency and cause users to sleep longer. It’s also linked to an increase in slow-wave sleep — an essential aspect of cerebral restoration and recovery. As such, cannabis strains such as this may be the answer to easing insomnia and promoting a healthier nighttime routine.

How to Grow Cornbread Strain

By following a few easy steps, growing Cornbread marijuana seeds can be an easy and fuss-free affair for even novice growers. Thriving equally well in an outdoor, indoor, or greenhouse environment and responding well to many types of substrate and soil, these Katsu Bubba Kush x RD #2 plants do prefer a hotter Mediterranean climate, and growers should also beware of moisture-related issues during their flowering period.

If these precautions are taken, along with various techniques like LST to help boost production, it’s not unreasonable to expect Cornbread yields to exceed those of a typical Kush plant.

Cornbread flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination, and this short turnover makes it especially suitable for commercial growers and SCROG setups. An eye-catching addition to any garden, these female seeds will produce dank, squat indica-typical plants with punchy purple hues and plenty of trichome coverage. Their potent scent may raise a few eyebrows here and there, but this can easily be remedied by implementing simple odour-reducing techniques like carbon filtration.