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Skywalker OG

by Rare Dankness

A sweet, Kush heavy, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Rare Dankness, 501st OG is a potent, high THC level offering with a long-lasting high and intriguing genetics

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501st OG Strain Genetics

The genetics of these 501st marijuana seeds are the reason for the buds’ vast THC content (well over 20%). On one side of the family tree, you have the high potency Skywalker OG (OG Kush x Skywalker). In contrast, the other side is represented by one of this seed company’s flagship marijuana strains, Rare Dankness #1, a strain with a complex yet excellent lineage (Ghost OG x Chemdawg, backcrossed with Ghost OG, and then crossed with Triangle Kush).

One thing that background makes clear is that there’s a lot of OG Kush at play here, with the energetic high and earthy flavours that go with it. But the addition of high strength strains in the genetics ensures that this is a turbocharged version of the popular classic, with a host of different traits at play to keep things interesting!

501st OG Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant terpenes in this Rare Dankness 501st OG marijuana are common in cannabis strains but create a unique flavour profile here. The OG Kush influence, being as abundant as it is, ensures a classic, skunk-like, herbal aroma on the exhale, which comes from myrcene, the terp responsible for the famous weed scent.

On the inhale, a spicy touch is apparent, thanks to the diesel notes of caryophyllene, passed down from Chemdawg, while a tart, lemony tickle joins in proceedings, courtesy of another terpene, limonene. This Diesel/Kush blend brings a very old-school sense to the tastes and aromas, yet 501st OG doesn’t taste quite like anything else you’ve tried!

501st OG Strain Effects

The potent high from this Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #1 cannabis should be very familiar to connoisseurs, being reminiscent of the OG Kush strain that dominates the genetic background. However, due to the very high THC level, the uplifting, euphoric head high you’d expect is combined with a heavy, full-body stone that is going to make sitting down feel like a great idea for the foreseeable future!

The effects are long-lasting but gradually fade away from the couch-lock of the initial hit, providing a more relaxed vibe to both body and mind, making this a perfect strain to end the day with, but not one to try if you’ve got anything left to do!

501st OG Strain Medical Benefits

The medical marijuana genetics of 501st OG comes from the combination of a rich terpene profile and a heavy THC content. One of the main reported benefits is in the relief of pain and stiffness related to arthritis. In addition, Caryophyllene and THC both bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, potentially relieving the severity of arthritis symptoms.

Another possible medicinal cannabis benefit of this OG Kush dominant strain is alleviating insomnia, with the THC level aiding with winding the body down, while terps like limonene have long been believed to aid in relaxation and anxiety relief. Working together, these ingredients may support both falling and staying asleep.

How to Grow 501st OG Strain Seeds

With an indoor flowering time of as little as seven weeks from germination (and rarely more than nine) from these cannabis seeds, you’d expect a limited yield here, but quite the opposite is true. Instead, a surprisingly large number of dense, heavy buds will be ready to go come harvest time, with little beyond the occasional trim necessary from the grower – both SOG and SCROG methods work well here, too.

Outdoor and greenhouse growers will be equally impressed by these Rare Dankness seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not available) with a rich yield of dark green buds, decorated with orange pistils and resinous trichomes, greeting you in early October. Warm climates work best here, ensuring the highest quality nugs which emanate an aromatic scent of earthy spice when they’re ready to go.