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Gelato 45 x Chocolate Kush

by Purple Caper Seeds

A sweet-tasting treat that’s made for savouring, Truffle Butter is a luxury kush cultivar from the Purple Caper seed company and the ultimate indica-leaning strain for fans of irresistible flavours and impressively balanced effects.. 

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Truffle Butter Strain Genetics

Creamy chocolatey flavours set this cultivar apart from other Purple Caper Seeds phenos, but if the taste doesn’t sway you, it’s hard-hitting indica impact is sure to satisfy. A delectable dessert strain that’s custom-bred for sweet-tooths, but also easy to grow and potent in effect, Truffle Butter marijuana seeds offer a little something for everyone. 

Born from Gelato 45 and Chocolate Kush, two phenotypes prized for their delicious flavours, Truffle Butter lineage is absolutely packed with terpenic potential. First-rate for making edibles and cannabis concentrates, this aromatic indica-leaning cultivar is now available from MGS as regular seeds.

Truffle Butter Strain Terpene Profile

If you’re not a fan of the typical aromas that characterize cannabis, Truffle Butter may be the answer. Inheriting rich chocolate and ice cream notes from its parent strains, Truffle Butter flavour and smell absolutely delights. A mix of caramel and coffee accents combine with hints of hash, earthy chestnut, and sweet fruit, making this strain the perfect after-dinner treat.

Along with caryophyllene and myrcene, which are found in almost all cannabis strains, Truffle Butter dominant terpenes also include rarer compounds like terpinolene and ocimene. A product of its unusual parentage, this unconventional combination of hydrocarbons is the reason why this strain excels in the flavour department. 

Truffle Butter Strain Effects

Truffle Butter effects are soothing and largely indica-dominant, but its hybridized genetics have lent it a surprising sativa streak. Beginning with a boost in mood and a refreshing euphoric kick, its invigorating edge gradually evolves into an intense physical sensation, gently guiding the body and mind into a realm of relaxation.

It’s seriously intoxicating impact should come as no surprise as Truffle Butter THC level can easily reach 21% if properly cultivated. Those prone to couchlock or especially susceptible to the sedative effects of cannabis should consume with caution or save this high THC, low CBD strain for nighttime use.

Truffle Butter strain Medical Benefits

Terpinolene, myrcene and THC all induce drowsiness and, working together via the entourage effect, lend Truffle Butter medical seeds powerful sedative qualities. Easily as effective as over-the-counter medication, this cultivar is a prime candidate for insomnia patients. With few side-effects, it can be used daily as a natural sleep aid.

These properties may, in turn, reduce anxiety as the body and mind simultaneously calm. Beta-caryophyllene has shown to be potentially effective as an anxiety reducer,  making Truffle Butter medical benefits not only great for clinical anxiety but for patients prone to worry or who often find themselves over analyzing. 

How to Grow Truffle Butter Strain

Truffle Butter seeds have only recently been made available to the public, and therefore, growing information is limited. However, as with all releases from the Purple Caper seed bank, growers can still expect an easy experience and high yields from these commercial-quality regular seeds. 

Truffle Butter cannabis seeds are particularly suited to greenhouses and indoor setups, with the SOG method of cultivation great for making use of the plant’s indica qualities. A fast finisher, Truffle Butter flowering time is 7-8 weeks from germination, and, if exposed to colder temperatures in the later stages, will exhibit dark purple flourishes. Its powerful scent may require extra filtration, but makes it perfect for extracts and making concentrates of the highest quality.