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by Purple Caper Seeds

More suitable for aeroponics than aeronautics, Rocket Science is one of four commercial versions of Purple Caper Seeds’ flagship indica strain and makes the perfect indoor marijuana plant for fans of tropical fruit flavours and high-octane psychoactive effects.

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Rocket Science Genetics

Rocket Science marijuana seeds represent one of four high-quality phenotypes of Purple Caper’s signature Purple Caper strain. Described by the seed bank as their best quality pheno for indoor growth, deducing why this cultivar is so popular with home growers is hardly rocket science! Although not yet available as an autoflowering or feminized strain, these regular seeds are still great for beginners or longtime growers looking to give their gardens a little fuel injection and yield big and beautiful plants with tropical flavours and superior resin production.

Rocket Science lineage is formed from a mass collaboration of both indica and sativa leaning cannabis strains, including Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel and White Widow; an experiment so successful that’s become one of Purple Caper bestselling commercial cultivars. Growers looking to launch their setup to the next level should definitely consider this incendiary indica dominant strain. 

Rocket Science Strain Terpene Profile

One might expect a gassy terpene profile from a strain so closely linked to Sour Diesel, but Rocket Science flavour and smell is sweeter than the average OG Kush descendent. Instead of pungent chemical aromas, growers can look forward to skunk, and tropical fruit scents like mangos and fresh papaya, along with delicious grape flavours passed down through several marijuana strains like Granddaddy Purple.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found throughout the natural kingdom, where they’re often used by plants to deter insects or attract them for pollination purposes. The fruity flavours present in this strain come courtesy of myrcene, but Rocket Science abundant terpenes also include caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha-pinene, adding up to a more balanced profile overall. 

Rocket Science Strain Effects

Rocket Science effects won’t immediately send you spinning into orbit as its blast-off is somewhat delayed. Expect a creeping cerebral high that gets stronger over time, igniting the mind with creative thought before eventually taking control of the body. These secondary physical effects are also powerful, relaxing muscles, relieving tension and obliterating pain, making this cannabinoid-rich cultivar an excellent candidate for medical use.

Novice cannabis should be wary of this suped-up indica-dominant strain as it’s packing some serious firepower! Its effects can be volatile if underestimated. Though Rocket Science THC level has yet to be lab-tested, low-tolerance consumers who abuse its psychoactive power should prepare themselves for an imminent crash landing.

Rocket Science Strain Medical Benefits

Rocket Science medical seeds are of the highest quality and armed with tons of analgesic potential. Boosted by caryophyllene and THC, which are known to work together via the entourage effect, they provide strong pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects when consumed in plant form, making them highly suitable for both acute and chronic pain conditions. 

As a myrcene-rich, high THC/low CBD cultivar with a powerful sedative kick, Rocket Science medical benefits can also help patients with sleep-disruptive disorders like insomnia. Even in small doses, its soporific effects can blast even the lightest sleepers off to dreamland, offering a natural and effective alternative to over-the-counter sleep aids.

How to Grow Rocket Science Strain

You won’t need any help from NASA when growing Rocket Science regular seeds, but a little prep goes a long way. This cultivar has been thoroughly stabilised and backcrossed for purity which means cannabis growers of any background can achieve AAA results at home. Although it can be grown outside, this particular phenotype of the Purple Caper strain is considered the best for indoor growth and adapts well to SCROG or SOG setups. 

Producing small, grape-shaped buds with purple undertones and crystals all the way up the stalk, even without such adaptive techniques, Rocket Science yields are considered high, so rest assured that healthy harvests are just over the horizon.

Rocket Science cannabis seeds flowering time is around nine-ten weeks from germination, but this can differ depending on your cultivation method. Many factors can influence cannabis plants growth, including mediums, light distribution, and even electrical conductivity, so do your scientific research in order to get the best results from these Purple Caper regular seeds.